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In addition to our many services, we offer the installation of a videophone system in Brussels. Thanks to this installation the access control to your company, your house or your apartment is guaranteed. The videophone allows you to have a visual contact with all your interlocutors before they access your property. The videophone has many advantages, including communicating with your visitors and unlocking your door. Contact our electricians’ team in Brussels.

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Indeed, its system brings you more comfort and tranquility. You will be able to have an overall view. Moreover, you can save the images. In these conditions you have the possibility to know what happens at home without necessarily being there. You can consult this system even without a call from visitors. Access to the image is therefore the biggest difference between a door phone and a video phone.

In order to obtain more guarantee, we strongly advise you to install a videophone in Brussels.

Videophony Brussels

Installing a video intercom system in Brussels: a plus for your peace of mind !

No one is safe from an ill-intentioned person. Even less in a big city like Brussels. So, to guarantee your peace of mind and avoid unpleasant surprises, install a videophone system in Brussels. Thanks to our certified electricians, you will keep control of your home 24 hours a day in the greatest of comforts!

See who is ringing your doorbell directly with wireless video telephony in Brussels

Thanks to the CD Engineering video intercom system, you will know directly who is ringing your front doorbell. Indeed, this video intercom system allows you to identify from a distance who is in front of your door. In case of doubt, you can then decide to open the door or not! The video intercom also allows you to get in touch with your visitor directly thanks to a loudspeaker. From then on, you will no longer be obliged to go downstairs or to the entrance of your house to discuss with your interlocutor.

If you are away from home, you can also consult your call history. In other words, you can see who was at your home while you were away. CD Engineering videophony is a plus for your comfort and serenity.

Quality video intercom equipment in Brussels!

A high quality audio system and video monitor, easy door opening and a hands-free kit. That’s all you can get with an intelligent electronic door phone. An optical camera placed outside and an HD color screen allow you to live in peace. Coupled with a home automation system, you’ll even have the opportunity to manage everything with a snap of your finger. Thus, your smartphone will become a real access key to your home and you will be able to monitor your home even from outside.

Choosing a CD Engineering video intercom system means opting for quality and comfort.

Videophony Brussels

CD Engineering at your service for the installation of your videophone and all electrical work

Quick installation

Professional reparation

High quality material


CD Engineering is not only a professional service in electricity. Our team is marked by strong values, such as honesty and transparency. Indeed, we have at heart to offer you fair prices, adapted to your real needs. Each work on circuit breaker, electric board, switch, electric plug is the subject of a meticulous analysis on our part, upstream. If you wish to do electrical work in your home, we will start by giving you an estimate in total transparency.

You can count on the professional training of each expert electrician on our team. We make sure that our electricians are always up to date with the latest regulations and can offer you services that are in line with current technologies. For example: we install advanced technology intercoms. Our electricians must therefore know the complexity of their circuits inside out. Rest assured, at CD Engineering, each member of our team receives regular training in order to stay up to date!

Videophone, doorphone, what are the differences?

The constantly evolving technology offers us increasingly powerful tools. So, how can you tell the difference between door phones and video phones in Brussels?

The videophone allows you to see and hear the person who rings your doorbell. It transmits both image and sound. Some boxes even have the option of controlling the alarm and the lighting of your door. It has almost the same qualities as a surveillance camera. Of course, the device has other features, such as :

Video transmission with your home

This function allows you to communicate with the inhabitants of your home. The communication is done through the screens that you can place in any room of your family cocoon.

Video storage option

There are models that spontaneously photograph the visitor who comes to your door. Moreover, it is a smart device, because it has an internal memory, it has an amazing capacity of memorization.

Image and sound synchronisation with your mobile phone

This option allows you to manage the box via your mobile phone through your local network. Remote control is also possible via your tablet. This means that it is possible to check who is at the door without being at home. For example, we could imagine that you are at work and your companion has forgotten his keys. Well, you can open the door for him remotely!

The access mode option for door opening

There are many ways of accessing your front door with a video intercom in Brussels. It is true that the main way to open the door is to activate the door opener. But not only that. You can choose from those that work with badges or a digital keypad. But also with your fingerprints. These are three different alternatives to the key. Ideal for small, distracted occupants.

Sound recording

This option allows the visitor to leave a video-vocal message. For example, if your delivery man has come by, but you were not there, he can leave a message to let you know he is coming! The device can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

Everything you need to know about videophony in Brussels

The doorphone is the improved version of the traditional doorbell. It allows you to communicate with the visitor on your doorstep. It has some impressive basic features. These include opening the door or managing your nearby lights. The device also has a label holder that allows you to put your name on it. However, it doesn’t allow you to see the person.

The system of the devices consists of two parts, an internal and an external part.
The internal part: allows you to see and listen to the person who is at the entrance. From there you can control the opening or not. There are some classic models, i.e. with the handset. Then there are hands-free models such as touch screens.

The outside part: The outside station acts as a doorbell. It also sends all information to the inside. In fact, it tells us who is calling by means of image and sound. In addition, there are models with panoramic cameras and wider or narrower viewing angles.

There are wired and wireless intercoms. More commonly known as wired or wireless devices. The wireless device has the advantage of being easier to install. There are no connections to make and no cables to connect. Whereas wired devices are more durable over time and do not require batteries! The choice is very personal, it is also according to the budget of each one.

The videophone box installed by CD Engineering in Brussels is ideal for the house or flat. Indeed, the system to unlock the door is protected. Only the intercom inside your home can open the door. You can therefore easily control who can or cannot enter your condominium or house.

In addition, having a videophone is more important than just a standard doorbell. Some models also have an alarm system in case of intrusion.
It is also very practical when you live in a building. It saves you having to go downstairs to open the door rather than just pressing a button.

Depending on how you use your videophone in Brussels, you can have several options. For your convenience, you can choose a touch screen, an analogue or digital image. You can also choose the size of your screen to better see who is in front of your door. Also, you can remotely see who is ringing your doorbell by connecting your intercom to your smartphone. Finally, some intercoms offer the ability to record outside activity while you are away.

No matter your budget, you will find a videophone that suits you!

There are different types of video intercoms in Brussels, to be chosen according to your needs. Among the most recognized brands in Belgium, here is the list of our favourite intercoms by category:

  • Video intercom/wired intercom

If you need a video and audio intercom, brands such as Bticino or Urmet offer easy-to-use devices at affordable prices. A video intercom/doorphone monitor allows easy access control to your front door. Equipped with a colour or black and white screen, they also allow you to identify your visitors and open the door easily.

  • Wireless Videophone/Parlophone

Brands such as 2N and Aiphone offer wireless monitors that are highly functional and popular with users. Some of them also come with a motion detector that activates the device even before the doorbell rings. Night vision allows you to easily identify who is at your front door, even in low light conditions. You can also find devices with a touch screen, wide-angle camera, etc.

In order to replace an intercom system that doesn’t have a video intercom function on the street side:


  1. Start by carefully unscrewing the intercom without video monitor
  2. Connect the electrical wires to the new door station
  3. Close the box and fix it to the wall, in the same place as your old intercom


On the inside of your home, if you do not have a wireless video intercom :


  1. Remove the old box and fix the new box in the same place
  2. Connect the electrical wires in the appropriate places
  3. Close the box and screw it securely to the wall next to your door

Once the installation is complete, check that the outdoor camera is working properly. Ask a friend or neighbour to ring your doorbell and test it.


Need help installing your wired or wireless video phone? CD Engineering, an expert in video intercom systems in Brussels, can take care of the installation and configuration. Contact our teams for your individual house, flat or condominium building.

To ensure that all connections are properly installed, it is best to leave it to a professional. At CD Engineering, we are qualified to install your access control system. As well as installing the monitors indoors and outdoors, we also check that they are working properly. This means you’ll have superior installation security and peace of mind on a daily basis. Ask for your free, tailor-made quote now! We are completely transparent about our prices and our work. So there are no unpleasant surprises.

We offer videophones with high-definition image quality for your everyday comfort. So, day or night, you can easily see in front of your door. During the day you have your digital or analogue colour screen and at night you can also choose to integrate night vision. Remote monitoring technology is becoming more and more accurate and is a suitable system for any type of home.

First of all, to be sure of choosing the right videophone in Brussels, you should ask yourself the right questions. Indeed, depending on the area where you live and the level of vandalism, you may find it useful to make your home more secure. Also, if you are often away from home for a long time, this can be a guarantee of greater security. Finally, the ability to see who is behind the door is always reassuring before opening it. A videophone is the right option.

Once you have decided to install a videophone in Brussels, you can choose the type of model you want. Indeed, there are several systems that you can choose from depending on your needs.

First, you have the wireless videophone. This transmits information via wifi or radio waves. No cables are needed for this installation, which is why it is very easy to install and even easier to move if you wish. To make it work, you will simply need batteries.

Next, you have the wired video phone. Unlike the first model, this one requires a wire to be laid between the door station and the interior intercom. Don’t worry, installation is quick and easy regardless of the length between the two units.

Finally, there is the intercom with the handset, which isn’t hands-free or a keypad system.

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