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Are you facing an electrical problem that you don’t know the cause of? Do you need to do big or small electrical works in your home or office? Then call CD Engineering – Electrician Uccle professional. We intervene in emergency for short circuits, breakdowns, etc. and also work on renovations and upgrades in homes and workplaces. When an electrical problem occurs, we act quickly. To this end, CD Engineering has a team of electricians specialized since 1996. We have an electrician in Uccle who can intervene quickly at your place. We are also specialized in residential and industrial.

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Emergency intervention for electrical troubleshooting in Uccle

You have a power failure and you find yourself in complete darkness? One of your electrical appliances does not work anymore but you do not understand why? There is a problem in your connections and you fear the worst? Call us urgently and we will send you a professional as soon as possible to solve your problem.

Indeed, at CD Engineering, our team of electricians is ready to intervene as soon as possible for your electrical troubleshooting in Uccle. For many years now, we have been carrying out all types of interventions, including breakdowns. Troubleshooting of your electrical appliances, troubleshooting following a short-circuit, a power cut…

An electrical breakdown can happen quickly. Moreover, we advise you not to try to repair the breakdown by yourself. This could worsen the situation and you also risk electrocution. In such cases, contact a licensed electrician from CD Engineering who will analyze and repair the problem.

électricien Uccle

Our expertise for your electrical work, installations and renovations

Apart from emergency situations, we can also install, renovate and replace any type of electrical installation. Call on us to, for example:

  • Install and start up your telecommunication devices
    We come to your home and configure your various devices such as your television, your telephone or your computer.
  • Renovate or install a new electrical system
    Our service includes installations in homes, apartments, offices or gardens. We can install more stimulating lights to increase productivity in the workplace. For garden lights, we are trained to do more complex circuits and installations as well.
  • Centralize your devices via a home automation system
    You will be able to centralize the different internal systems of your home. It will be possible for you, for example, to control your energy consumption more easily via a central thermostat. Ideal, therefore, to save money and time.
  • Bringing your electrical installations into compliance
    It is very dangerous to have electrical circuits and appliances that are too old and therefore can generate problems at any time. An electrocution is the most common risk. We will bring your circuits and appliances up to standard in no time.
  • Installing a video or door phone system
    In order to secure the entrance of your apartment, your house or your office, this system is ideal. It allows you to see or simply hear your interlocutor at the entrance. You can also open the door without having to go down many floors, what a comfort.

CD Engineering, your certified electrician in Uccle

We are aware that electrical work can be complicated to understand. Therefore, our services guarantee you peace of mind. Our company’s goal is to do everything with you and, in doing so, to make you understand the situation. Moreover, we make it a point to explain to you the changes or replacements to be made.

Whatever your electrical problem, there is always a plan to follow. We give you a document that details the project. In fact, whether the project is small or large, the method is always the same. Thus, you can follow the evolution of the work. When the work is finished, a legal document is given to you. This document confirms the conformity of your electrical system. Any project must obviously be done according to the standards and laws in Belgium. For these reasons, each of our electricians in Uccle conscientiously applies the regulations.

électricien Uccle

Electrical troubleshooting in Uccle: your questions to CD Engineering

Do you have questions about our services or our business? Our team of certified electricians answers you in this FAQ

When you contact CD Engineering for electrical troubleshooting in Uccle, a qualified electrician is ready to intervene in the shortest possible time. Once arrived, he identifies the origin of the breakdown and carries out the electrical repair.

There can be several causes of a power outage. First of all, if fuses blow, it can lead to a short circuit in the electrical panel. Secondly, there may be a breaker failure. Finally, the electrical network may be defective. In all cases, the electricians at CD Engineering can intervene to repair the electrical system.

Our electricians always work with high quality and professional equipment. Equipped with a multimeter, a clamp ammeter, a stripper, cutters and screwdrivers … They are ready to intervene at any time.

Contact CD Engineering. We will send you an electrician to analyze and find the origin of the failure so that it doesn’t happen again. Also, we do repairs and renovations of your electrical appliances.

The electricians of CD Engineering move throughout the commune of Uccle. From St. Jacob’s to Vivier d’Oie, from Churchill to Fort Jaco and Dieweg, a certified electrician will come to you.

A safe and regulated work above all

Safety is a priority for CD Engineering. That’s why we are aware of all the standards that must be met, without exception. We master everything that makes your installation compliant with safety standards.

For larger jobs, we start by visiting the site to conduct an assessment. We can then inform you about the duration and price of our intervention. Then we establish a work perimeter and carry out what you have contacted us for. We work quickly, but above all meticulously. In this way, we provide you with the best possible work.

We also offer to simply check that your system is still up to standard. Indeed, technology evolves very quickly. Sometimes you just need to call an electrician Uccle to make sure you are up to date.

The installation of video intercom systems is also one of our specialties. We can show you the models available according to your needs. There will be many features to choose from. Our team will guide you to ensure that the system you choose meets all your needs.

An electrician in Uccle who includes you in your projects

We are at your disposal before, during and after the work to answer all your questions. We seek to include you as much as possible in the process in order to carry out projects for you, with you and that correspond to you.

CD Engineering offers personalized services for your electrical installations. For example: we are trained and we know how to do all the LED relamping of a building. But our skills in lighting also extend to the lighting of garden, bathroom, kitchen, etc.. We know how to work on differential switches, dimmers, wireless switches, etc. That’s why we can adapt our offer to what you want.

Whether it’s for lighting or for any other electrical project, we’re here to listen to your request and we’ll be able to answer it the way you want!

Contact CD Engineering - Electrician Uccle

Call us today and get quick help from professional electricians. We are available for any emergency for your work and repair requests.

We cover all the districts that make up Uccle, for example: Calevoet, Churchill, Dieweg, Moensberg. So don’t hesitate to contact us wherever you are in this municipality.

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