Only our general terms and conditions of sale apply, to the exclusion of our customers’ general or special terms and conditions. Any order placed implies acceptance of these conditions.

  1. The offer has been drawn up on the basis of the specifications and any drawings and documents supplied by the customer. Insofar as these data do not result from a global study expressly ordered from CD ENGINEERING sprl, the customer will be solely responsible for any insufficiency, imprecision or error affecting those data whose definition has not been determined by CD ENGINEERING sprl. Unless specifically agreed otherwise, CD ENGINEERING sprl assumes no responsibility as a consulting engineer, even if it is called upon to provide opinions, analyses or advice, or even to carry out specific studies.
  2. Prices have been established on the basis of the official rates in force at the time of the offer, quotation or estimate. Should the price of raw materials, wages or any other price component fluctuate during the execution of the order, the customer will be notified in writing of the price revision, and the resulting price supplement will be charged to the customer.
  3. All orders are subject to a deposit, and two or three deposits may be required. The balance is payable on completion of the work and/or receipt of the goods. For daytime and night-time repairs and weekend services not exceeding a total cost of €250, payment must be made on site.
  4. In the event of delays in the progress of structural work or other trades, which disrupt our schedule, we reserve the right to resume work only when the smooth running of our business permits, without the customer being entitled to any compensation whatsoever for any delays resulting from this fact. In the case of fixed-price assembly, all expenses resulting from loss of time, the cause of which cannot be attributed to the seller, such as delays in the completion of premises, foundations, etc., will be invoiced in addition to the agreed price.
  5. The customer will provide assembly personnel with lockable storage space for their tools and small assembly equipment.
  6. The customer may not withhold any of his payments as a guarantee. All payments must be made in cash on receipt of the invoice. No claim will be accepted eight days after dispatch of the present; on pain of nullity, any claim must be sent by registered letter within eight days of the invoice date. In the event of non-payment on the due date, the amount of our invoices will automatically and without notice bear interest at 12% per annum from the first month following the due date. The amount of any invoice that remains unpaid despite the sending of a registered letter of formal notice will be increased by 20% as a fixed and irreducible penalty clause, with a minimum of €50. Any absence or delay in payment will automatically lead to: the interruption of supplies in progress as well as the interruption of after-sales service and the non-application of guarantees. Reminder charges (non-payment): first reminder, no charge. Second reminder: €25 + 10% of the amount due up to a maximum of €1000 + VAT. Legal costs: 100% at customer’s expense, including direct and indirect costs.
  7. In the event of contradictions, gaps, questionable specifications, etc. in the special specifications, the text of our description takes precedence if there are details in our offer; if nothing is specified in our offer, our offer is drawn up taking into account the interpretation of the specifications most favourable to us. On the other hand, in the case of verbal data, the customer is invited to read the specifications in our description very carefully, as this alone is authoritative. Any additional costs resulting from failure to comply with the above will be charged to the customer.
  8. Under no circumstances can we be held responsible for damage caused by the perforation of piping or electrical conduits for which a layout plan has not been provided prior to the work being carried out.
  9. Removal of rubble and re-grading of cut-outs are at the customer’s expense. However, these can be removed and resealed for an additional charge.1
  10. Our warranty is limited to that provided by the manufacturer within the limits specified by the manufacturer. Labour and transport costs are at the customer’s expense. Unless otherwise expressly stipulated, no warranty whatsoever is given on repairs and/or reconditioning of used equipment. The warranty is subject to adequate supervision and maintenance by the customer. It excludes, in particular, the consequences of normal wear and tear and disturbances due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure. The same applies to any intervention on the contractual equipment by the customer or any third party not expressly authorized.
  11. Drawings supplied to our customers remain our property and may not be passed on to third parties for examination or copying. Official documents such as approval reports, electrical files and drawings are sent to the customer as soon as all invoices, balances and accounts have been settled.
  12. The equipment supplied, once on site, whether installed or not, is at the buyer’s risk, but remains the property of the installer until it has been paid for in full. The equipment supplied, whether installed or not, may be dismantled and taken back by right and without further formality if the buyer is in default to the installer.
  13. Our quotation is free and without obligation.
  14. Any cancellation of an order relating to an order to be carried out prior to execution will automatically entail compensation of 30% of the cost of the work. Any cancellation or stoppage of an order and/or services during execution will automatically entail full payment of the order.
  15. In the event of non-payment in full of any order by the due date, CD ENGINEERING reserves the right not to execute the present order or to execute it only partially, without prejudice to its right to demand payment in full of the order or to claim damages for breach of contract.
  16. In the event of disagreement between the parties, the latter will refrain from communicating via the Internet. (E-business sales platform, website, social networks). Violation of this clause will result in a penalty of €10,000 per breach.
  17. The courts of Brussels shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes, regardless of where the work was carried out.

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