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You want to install a home automation system in your home or in an industrial building? You need the intervention of a professional for maintenance or repair? Contact now CD Engineering – home automation Brussels electrician – and receive quickly the assistance of a certified professional electrician. Our certified electricians are qualified to work on any home automation system.

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What is home automation ?

First of all, home automation is a technical system. Its first goal is to make your daily life easier. That is via the centralization of the control of the various systems of your house. These systems concern in particular the electrical installations. Heating, gate, energy management but also the internal system of your house. On the other hand, this domain can apply to the domain of the company. CD Engineering deals with home automation in Brussels for companies. An intelligent home automation system is an excellent way to make your daily life easier. Indeed, by centralizing the control of the various electronic objects of your building or house, you have direct access to all the information you need. For example, you can make sure in 30 seconds that you have closed your gate. Or: you only need 10 seconds to turn off the heating in the whole building.

home automation Brussels

Home automation Brussels expert since 1996

To begin with, the electrical work will be done according to your requirements. We want to give our customers what they want. Furthermore, we will advise you throughout the project by explaining every detail.

Repair/intervention in case of power failure

Repair of your electrical circuits

Replacing your electrical system

Intervention on telecom systems

Ultimately, the goal of the project is that it performs to electrical compliance standards. Ultimately, we want the power to flow throughout your home.

As such, our team is certified for any type of electrical work you need. In addition, we come to your location for a walk-through. This allows us to see firsthand where the initial problem is coming from.

We then proceed to write up a document outlining the sequence of renovations. After having discussed your needs. This allows us to meet your demands for sure. We also provide you with a certificate of electrical compliance. Because all our work complies with Belgian electrical compliance.

CD Engineering : your home automation expert in Brussels for any type of building

We take care of installing or refurbishing an entire home automation system, as well :

  • In an industrial building ;
  • In a private home;
  • In professional offices;
  • Etc.

Whatever your project is, we can help you make it happen. We are also used to working in large spaces. For example: in the tertiary sector, a work office, a commercial outlet, etc. You will find all our professionalism at your service, whether you are an individual or a professional.

Why is CD Engineering a reference in the electricity sector ?

CD Engineering specializes in domestic, tertiary and industrial electricity. In strong current as well as in weak current. The strong point of CD Engineering is above all its efficiency. However, we also have a very developed sense of listening. Indeed, the customer relationship is at the heart of our priorities. This is why we always pay attention to your request and especially, to your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us. Because communication is the basis of a good relationship. At CD Engineering, you will always find an attentive ear for your projects.

In short: CD Engineering wants to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. Because it is thanks to this satisfaction that our company adapts to all the requests. At first, we remain at your disposal to bring all the precisions which you need. On the other hand, we explain to you in detail the actions undertaken for you. Then, during the work, your electrician explains his steps at each stage. Finally, the after-sales service is always available. To conclude, we make your satisfaction our priority.

Questions about home automation in Brussels?

Do you have a problem with your connected devices ? Do you want to know more about home automation and especially kitchen automation? Our team of electricians has the answers to all your questions.

Home automation allows you to centralise, control and monitor connected devices remotely. A connected object can be, for example :


  • Roller shutters
  • A switch
  • A connected socket
  • A garage door
  • An automatic lighting system
  • A smartphone management system
  • A connected socket or lighting system


Smart homes are the future of our homes. Installation and connection are so fast that more and more people are turning to home automation. What’s more, it’s a field that is constantly developing and improving: connected objects are multiplying and their efficiency is instantaneous.

To equip your home with home automation, you must be equipped with a WiFi or Bluetooth network to control the devices remotely. Simple and fast, the network allows you to remotely control the connected objects installed by a professional. Once connectivity is established, you can control your shutters, your heating and your sensor. In addition, some electrical work is required depending on the type of connected object. For example, a garage or shutters will require more work than switches or sockets.

At CD Engineering, our electricians have all the skills and know-how in home automation in Brussels. We intervene in the Sablon, Monts des Arts, Quartier de la Cour, Quartier de la Senne and Marolles districts to carry out a home automation installation. We also travel to the 19 districts of the capital, from Jette to Uccle, via Ixelles and Forest.

To benefit from a home automation system, you need to call an electrician installer. Indeed, he is able to install equipment compatible with your home. He has all the skills and experience to make your home a connected home. Thanks to his installations, you can control and monitor your objects wherever you are (at friends’ houses, in your workplace, etc.).

First, the electrician comes to your home to make a diagnosis and study your home automation project. Then, he instals the system and centralises your appliances using specialised technologies and programming.

Do you want to connect home automation objects in your home? CD Engineering is a home automation installer in Brussels. Whether you live in Saint-Gilles, Auderghem or Molenbeek, we come to your home to understand your project and set up the remote control.

The installation price for home automation depends on the objects or devices you wish to connect. Whether it is home automation in the kitchen, bedrooms or living room, you need to list your home automation needs. This can range from simple switches to the garage door. To find out the price of home automation installation, you can contact an electrician or make an appointment so that he can quote your electrical/domotics work. Even if the intervention of professionals can sometimes be expensive, you should know that home automation allows you to save electricity, and therefore money, and you could see your energy consumption drop by 25% to 30% per year thanks to an efficient home automation system focused on energy.

Home automation offers many advantages that are becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, a well-installed home automation system allows you to :


  • Reduce the energy consumption of your home
  • Feel safe thanks to presence simulation
  • Protect the environment by reducing your CO2 emissions
  • Make real savings

Would you like to receive a personalised quote? Find out the price of your home automation installation according to your needs by contacting us. CD Engineering is an expert in home automation and knows the prices and rates for the installation of a home automation system inside out. At home or in the office, call on our home automation experts!

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