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We can help you control access to your building by installing a videophone or intercom system in Brussels. In order to control access to your building, we advise you to install a door intercom system in Brussels. This door intercom system allows you to control access simply and effectively. This way, you can answer the various calls with complete peace of mind. Thanks to this system, you can unlock your door. You are also able to communicate with your visitors from a distance. Contact CD Engineering, electrician in Brussels, for the installation of your door phone system in Brussels.

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It is also useful to talk with your neighbors or your colleagues. Indeed, whether it is for a house or for your office, it is the ideal tool. On one hand for your private comfort. On the other hand for your professional life.

You need a system to facilitate access to your building? However the image is not a priority? Then choose the parlophony system Brussels. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you in order to find the most suitable solution. CD Engineering specializes in the installation of parlophony systems.

Thanks to CD Engineering sprl, it is all the domestic electricity at your disposal. The tertiary electricity but also industrial in strong current and weak current.

parlophony Brussels

Repair/intervention in case of power failure

Repair of your electrical circuits

Replacement of your electrical system

Intervention on telecom systems

Repair and maintenance of videophony and parlophony in Brussels

Your parlophony or videophony device has a breakdown? Don’t panic, you can call CD Engineering for a quick and efficient repair. Our electricians will come to your home to provide you with a repair service or electrical troubleshooting on your device.

We also perform maintenance on your appliances. If you think your appliances are old or if you find that they sometimes have “bugs”, don’t hesitate to call a licensed electrician like CD Engineering.

Replacement of your parlophony system in Brussels

Your intercom is outdated and you want to change it? CD Engineering takes care of it. We install your new box and we quickly set up your parlophone. You can choose the ring of your intercom, a color screen or a black and white parlophone, etc. Some video intercom-like models allow you to install a motion detector, night vision, etc.

Your certified electrician at CD Engineering knows how to set up all types of devices: wireless or wired intercom, intercom system with touch screen or equipped with push button, etc. Count on our unmatched versatility.

The different types of parlophones in Brussels

First of all, there is the wired intercom, which is a more reliable model if the door station and the inner box are separated by a large distance. Of course, the length of the wiring between the components is adaptable. It is perfect for large properties.

The wireless video intercom operates using radio waves or wifi. This means there are no cables and it can be powered by batteries. It is therefore very easy to move.

There are also intercoms with a handset. They are usually found in flats. They allow you to know who is ringing and to open the front door.

Finally, there is the keypad. They are also widely used in flats. This is an installation in addition to your intercom system.

Of course, all CD Engineering electricians know how to install all the intercom systems in your home.

Options for an intercom system in Brussels

Intercom systems have evolved considerably to offer you optimum security and ease of use. They are much more than just an access control system for your home. New options have been developed. There are now small and large screens to suit your needs. The picture quality is either digital or analogue, colour or not, depending on what you prefer. Some of the intercoms can be used remotely or even linked to a smartphone. Video intercoms can also have a memory option. This allows you to see visitors who have been in your home while you were away. There are many more options.

The advantages of parlophony in Brussels

Audio and video intercom systems offer you and your family optimum peace of mind. Depending on the type of door intercom system, the advantages are different. Indeed, the audio intercom allows you to communicate with your visitor and to open gates, to switch on an outside light, … All this by pressing a simple button.

In addition, the wireless intercom exists so that you can take it into your garden and also take care of the remote door opening, for example. The video intercom offers you the possibility of knowing the identity of your visitor on a colour or non-colour screen, which can also be a touch screen. From its interface, you can communicate with your interlocutor and open the door to your home. In addition, some of them record the passage of your visitors when you are not at home.

A reliable electrician for the installation of an intercom in Brussels

When you live in a flat, an audio intercom system quickly becomes indispensable. However, who has never found that one of these doesn’t work? Thanks to one of our electricians, we can guarantee that this will not happen. Indeed, they are trained to make reliable connections. You will be able to have a reliable doorbell as well as a reliable video and voice system to welcome your guests without a hitch. Do you have any questions about these access control systems? Please call us, we provide free estimates.

parlophonie bruxelles

CD Engineering, the best for all your electrical projects

In addition to video intercoms and other types of video doorbells, CD Engineering can help you with all your projects. If you have ideas for your home but don’t know who to call, one of our electricians will be happy to help you. They have had the opportunity to work on many projects over many years and will be able to give you sound advice. We are therefore the ideal company if you want to install an intercom in Brussels.

Installing an intercom system in Brussels with confidence

For someone who isn’t experienced, connecting a door phone system isn’t easy. Not only do we have to do all the wiring, but we also have to build the monitor into the house. All this requires special care. And our electricians are among the most competent in Brussels. In addition, as with all electrical work, an installer must comply with all applicable safety standards. And all our employees take great care to ensure this. So you can enjoy your new appliances in complete safety.

Your questions about parlophony in Brussels

Do you have questions about the type of intercom you need? What are the advantages of a wireless intercom? Do you need a camera intercom? Is it possible to customise your doorbell? What are the different types of housings? How do I connect the door phone? CD Engineering takes a look at the basics of door intercom systems in Brussels to help you make your choice.

The choice of a parlophone or a videophone is made according to several criteria. You can prefer technology, and choose a color video intercom equipped with night vision, a wide-angle, etc.. But you can also opt for a simple parlophone, whose only function is to know who is ringing at your door. Depending on your budget and your needs, CD Engineering will help you find the right intercom for you.

In order to install a parlophone, there are some basic rules to follow. First of all, the door phone’s plate must be 1.60m above the ground. You must position the technical box next to this plate, then connect them together with cables. Before setting up the indoor unit, make sure you have installed batteries in the outdoor box, otherwise the parlophone will not work.

You don’t want to install the parlophone box by yourself? CD Engineering can do it for you! Just give us a call and we will come to your building or home to install your intercom system.

We operate everywhere in the center of Brussels: from the Sablon to the Place Sainte-Catherine, passing by Lemonnier, De Brouckère, Yser, the Place Royale, the Schuman district, the Marolles and the Rue Haute. But CD Engineering is also an electrician in Ixelles, Saint-Gilles, Boitsfort, Jette, Ganshoren, Etterbeek and all the 19 municipalities of the city. So, wherever you are in Brussels center or in Brussels city, you can count on us.

Intercoms are a family of devices that allow the unlocking of an entrance door or the door of business premises. They can be door phones, keypad or badge recognition devices, but also videophones.

Videophones are part of the intercom family. It is a system that combines remote unlocking, voice and video. This way you can quickly identify who is at the door and open it. Would you like to have a video intercom installed? Our team will take care of everything: from installing the wall-mounted box to wiring and connecting it to the outside station.

Has your wireless door phone stopped working or do you have a problem with your camera door phone and are you a tenant in a house or flat? If the installation is faulty due to misuse, then the cost of the repair or installation is completely yours. If the intercom is too old, the landlord should normally replace it. Of course, you should discuss this with the landlord first.

The rules are not the same for commercial premises, so ask your landlord about sharing the cost of repairing an outdated intercom. If you wish to improve the access control system, without the intercom being broken or damaged, the costs are normally your responsibility.

Whatever your idea, CD Engineering and its team can take care of any installation and connection of intercom, video intercom or videophone in your home or business.

To begin with, you need to determine your needs. To do this, you need to ask yourself questions such as


  1. Do you get a lot of visitors?
  2. Are you comfortable opening your gate or door without seeing the face of the person behind it?
  3. Do you live in a busy or rather quiet area?
  4. Are you away from home a lot?
  5. What is your budget?


Answering these types of questions will tell you whether you need an audio or video intercom. Next, there are a number of points to consider when purchasing an intercom system. The intercom system must ensure that the panel is recessed so that it isn’t subject to vandalism. It must also be able to withstand the elements. For night use, a backlight may be necessary if your intercom isn’t in a well-lit area at night.

A parlophone is an intercom system, which allows you to be warned when a visitor arrives at your home. It is a remote access system: it is often equipped with buttons to contact the home or to enter a code to unlock a door.

This parlophone also allows you to communicate in audio with people outside your home. Thanks to this system, you will be able to know the intentions of those who come to ring your doorbell. This is more practical than the time when you had to look through the little eye on the door.

It can also happen that intercoms or videophones are used to open a garden gate or other electric gate.

The intercom plays an important role in controlling access to your home or commercial building. In addition to taking on the role of the doorbell, it allows you to communicate with your visitor before opening the door. A push button also allows you to unlock the door remotely, without having to move.

The role of the intercom is above all to increase your level of living comfort. The wireless intercom, for example, can move around the house, even into the garden. If a visitor rings the doorbell and you have a video intercom, you can see at a glance who the person is.

For the connection of a door phone or the installation of a camera door phone, you can contact an expert like CD Engineering, who will take care of everything for you.

There are different types of intercoms on the market. Depending on your needs, some models are more interesting for you than others.
As mentioned before, the wireless intercom moves with you everywhere. It is ideal for single family homes or a house with a garden, this model is perfect for you.

Need to see your visitor? Then a door phone with a camera or a video door phone will suit you.

If you live in a flat in Brussels, the classic intercom models may also be suitable for you. Choose a simple model, which looks like a fixed telephone. This is the most common model in Brussels, as it is easy to install and use.

A videophone combines audio and video. You will be able to see your visitor thanks to an integrated camera located at the entrance door. It is an additional element that allows you to reassure even more, because you have a visual of the person who is in front of your door.

When you don’t know your visitor, access control with a videophone is particularly useful. It will allow you to judge how much you can trust your visitor. You will have an access control with the audio and video box. With the video intercom, you will be able to see the person who rang your doorbell. You can therefore be totally serene with your video door phone (touch).

There are also more and more video phones connected directly to your smartphone. It is therefore even more convenient, because you can answer your visitor even if you are not at home. CD Engineering and its team of certified electricians install this type of new generation device in your home.

How to choose your intercom in Brussels?

The best intercom is obviously the one that suits you best. Indeed, you don’t need a high definition LCD screen or a very expensive wireless intercom if you don’t use it. Most of the time, a simple parlophone can be enough to meet your needs. You pick up the handset, press a button, the door opens and you’re done.

That said, some buildings require optimal security. For example, in an embassy, being able to identify a visitor via a clear visual is a must. The best way to know which intercom is right for you is to identify your needs beforehand. Once you have chosen your intercom or parlophone, you can count on CD Engineering to install it in your home!

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