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To start with, CD Engineering is an Etterbeek electrician company that has existed since 1996. We have a total of more than 27 years of experience. Our company is located in Brussels but also moves to Etterbeek. Moreover, our team of electricians consists of qualified and certified electricians in all types of electrical work. Indeed, it is important for our company that our electricians are professionals. We have at heart to act quickly, which is essential in particular for all that touches the electricity.

To achieve this, we have an impeccable workforce. In fact, we make sure that our electricians are well trained. We work with the best tools and materials so that your electrical system is of high quality. Our team will take care of any electrical renovations or installations that your home needs.

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Your electrical troubleshooting specialist in Etterbeek

A power failure can happen quickly! A problem with your installation or your electrical network and all your appliances go out. Imagine the potential damage to your freezer if it was left off for an hour! Whatever the problem, have the right reflexes and call CD Engineering! Contact your electrical troubleshooting specialist in Etterbeek now.

Even if at first glance, the electrical breakdown seems minor, do not take the risk of repairing it alone. Indeed, a wrong manipulation can be detrimental to you. You could either aggravate the problem of your electrical installation, or worse, electrocute yourself. Therefore, think about contacting a professional for safe repairs. Our expertise in electricity is such that we can find the source of any breakdown.

In short, wherever you are in the municipality of Etterbeek, contact us in case of a breakdown! Get quick help from your professional electrician CD Engineering.

Électricien Etterbeek

Here is how your electrician works in Etterbeek

First, we schedule a visit together to assess your home or business before starting the work.

Repair/intervention in case of power failure

Repair of your electrical circuits

Replacement of your electrical system

Intervention on telecom systems

This allows us to anticipate all the necessary renovations, in order to ensure you a perfect job. Then, it goes without saying that we will ask you a few questions in order to identify your requirements. We carry out our work in accordance with the electrical compliance required by the Belgian state. Moreover, the electricians at CD Engineering have the following skills :

  • General electricity;
  • Electrical troubleshooting;
  • Telecommunication;
  • Parlophony and videophony;
  • Setting in conformity;
  • Home automation.

About your electrician in Etterbeek: find out our questions

Whether it’s about electrical standards, electrical repairs, electrical renovation or installation work, your electrician in Etterbeek will answer all your questions.

Yes, we intervene for any urgent electrical troubleshooting in Etterbeek even on Sundays and holidays.

We estimate the price of our home repair services according to the work to be done. Nevertheless, we can certify that we apply advantageous, fair and honest rates.

Your qualified electrician CD Engineering comes to you everywhere in the Etterbeek area. Our team of electricians can be found in the districts of Jourdan, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Michel, Tongres and La Chasse for example.

Yes, troubleshooting is one of our specialties. Our experts come to your home to analyze the source of the problem. We also repair circuit breaker failures, electrical insulation and grounding problems.

Whether you are an individual or a professional, bringing your electricity up to standard is mandatory in Belgium. To do this, you must call a professional electrician. He will study in particular :

  • Your electrical network
  • Your wires and electrical switches
  • Your electrical panel


Following this intervention, he will be able to give you his analysis and define whether your electrical network is up to standard or not.
Thanks to their electrical equipment, they are able to carry out installation work and bring your electrical network up to standard.
In addition, they have the necessary skills for industrial and domestic electricity. You can therefore call on an electrician near you for all your electrical work and upgrades.

To find out if a power cut is individual or general, you need to go to your circuit breaker and see if it is in the “on” or “off” position. Then you can see if the street lights in your neighbourhood are working. For example, if the street lights are off, it is probably a general power outage.

To estimate the cost of an electrical installation, you need to list the renovations or general electrical work to be done inside and outside your home. An electrical installation may include, for example:

  • Electrical sockets and switches
  • The electrical panel
  • Controls for your equipment
  • Electrical wiring

Depending on the installation and the extent of the work, the prices may vary. But if you want an estimation, you can multiply the surface of your home by the average price per m2. Note that an electrical installation is estimated at between €90 and €120 per m2.
If you want to know the average price of your new installation, you can contact a qualified electrician. He will be able to give you an estimate for your work. Please note that CD Engineering is a general electrical company, so we can ensure a thorough work on your electrical installations.

First, you need to know whether the power cut is individual or general. If it is individual, you should simply turn your circuit breaker back on. If the power cut is repeated, you can contact an electricity company. An electrician near you will come and look for the electrical fault and reset your circuit breaker.

However, if it is a general power failure, you should contact your distribution network operator. For example, if you live in Etterbeek or the surrounding municipalities, such as Ixelles, Auderghem or Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, call Sibelga to find out more about the extent and duration of the breakdown.

Do you want to carry out an electrical renovation but don’t know how? You need to list your requirements. It could be a simple replacement or a commissioning of your electrical panel.

Moreover, your electrical renovation must comply with the standards in force. Bringing your electricity up to standard is indeed mandatory in Belgium. In this case, do not hesitate to call an electrician installer to renovate your electrical network. Thanks to his expertise, he will renovate your electrical network while respecting the standards. Moreover, if you live near La Chasse, Jourdan, Tongres or the European Quarter, your certified electrician in Etterbeek can come and do renovation work for your house. Whether it’s bringing your home up to standard or installing electrical heating, contact an electrical company.

A frequently blown fuse can be caused by a number of electrical problems, including

  • A faulty electrical appliance
  • An overload on the circuit breaker
  • An electrical fault in the socket circuit
  • The fuse itself is out of date


The fuse may melt in the event of a large overload. If you wish, you can start by buying a new fuse and replacing the old one with the new one. This may resolve the problem if the fuse is out of date.

In most cases, a fuse blows regularly because there are too many electrical appliances connected to it and running at the same time. The demand for electricity is therefore too great and the fuse blows to avoid blowing completely. To be sure, check which appliances are connected to the fuse and turn them on one by one. If at any time the fuse blows, you have found the cause of the fault.

An electrician in Etterbeek and the surrounding area, such as CD Engineering, can help you find the cause of the blown fuse and offer you appropriate solutions. Sometimes the installation of a new electrical panel is the best solution. If necessary, we will come to your home, analyse the situation and give you a free estimate to solve your problem.

How do our electricians work in Etterbeek ?

Following our visit and discussion, one of our electricians will provide you with a file. This will allow you to know how much time will be spent on each task. The plan is determined by the work your electrical system requires and the steps to be taken. In addition, you will receive a certificate of compliance. With this certificate you will be able to show to the Belgian State that your house is in order and that it respects the electrical code issued by the State.

Moreover, CD Engineering is the electrician you can call for all your electrical questions. Indeed, he wants your project to be realized as you wish.

All in all, CD Engineering takes the satisfaction of its customers to heart. Because it is thanks to it that our company adapts to all your requests. First, we are at your disposal to answer all your questions. On the other hand, we explain our actions in detail. Then, during the work, your electrician explains his steps one by one. Finally, the after-sales service is happy to take care of your follow-up. To conclude, your satisfaction is our priority.

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