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You have an electrical problem? CD Engineering is the electrician you need in Evere. We have been in the field for more than 27 years. Are you located in Evere? Then our experts electricians will come to you. Our offices are mainly located in Brussels. Our team has the desire to be on the spot as soon as possible. Electrical projects can be complicated, that’s why we are here to make things easier for you. We take care of all your electrical work. The reliability and quality of our work is the best in town. We make sure that everything is in order as quickly as possible.

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An electrician in Evere specialist in all electrical fields

We are here to find the problem with your electrical wiring. There are many types of electrical problems that we can solve. Among the list of our services, you will find: electrical compliance work, repair of power failure, bringing a building up to standard in the tertiary sector, etc.

Before anything else, we make a visit of the premises in your presence. An Evere electrician will come to your home. Upon appointment and according to your availability, we will come to you. A document will then be given to you so that you can follow the steps of your electrical project. We assure you that all the work will be done in complete safety. Our electricians are certified for all electrical renovations, work or installations. The services we offer are indeed of high quality. Moreover, the equipment we use is the best, because we want the best for our customers. At the end of the work, you will receive a certificate of compliance.

Électricien Evere

CD Engineering, your electrical troubleshooting specialist in Evere

An electrical breakdown happens without warning. So, if you have a breakdown, you need to react quickly. However, calling an electrician can be difficult. Therefore, call CD Engineering, a general electrical specialist.

Repair/intervention in case of power failure

Repair of your electrical circuits

Replacement of your electrical system

Intervention on telecom systems

We know all about water heater failures, electrical appliances and electrical outlets. It can be tempting to try to troubleshoot and fix it yourself. However, this is a very bad idea. In fact, in addition to electrocution, you risk making the situation worse. Consequently, the repairs to be carried out could be more expensive. For electrical troubleshooting in Evere, call on our services, you will not regret it. We will send you an electrician who will be on site very quickly. For a fast and efficient intervention, contact CD Engineering without further delay.

The expertise of your electrician in Evere for individuals and professionals

Contrary to popular belief, a registered professional electrician such as CD Engineering is qualified to carry out any type of electrical work or upgrade for both domestic and commercial clients. Since 1996, our team of electrical engineers has had solid qualifications in general and industrial electricity. This is why many professionals and private individuals call on us every day, year after year. Contact us now and benefit from the expertise of your reference electrician in Evere.

électricien evere

CD Engineering, your expert electrician in Evere and its surroundings

Do you need a breakdown service at the weekend? Do you have an electrical renovation project? Whatever your electrical problem, CD Engineering is your reference electrician in Evere. Since 1996, we have been travelling around your community and putting our electrical expertise at the service of everyone. Whatever your neighbourhood, we come to your home: Germinal, Picardie, Clos Platon, Destrier or Saint Vincent neighbourhoods, we know every corner of your town. For your convenience, we also offer our services in Schaerbeek, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert and Brussels City.

Some questions residents have about electrical troubleshooting in Evere

We frequently receive questions from our customers about our electrical work in Evere. That’s why we have created this FAQ that answers your most frequently asked questions about electricity. Any questions about our electrical expertise in Evere? CD Engineering’s electrical experts answer your most frequently asked questions.

Of course it is! A breakdown can occur at any time, we are open all week 7 days a week, including weekends.

No matter where you are located, our team of electricians can travel anywhere in Evere. In particular in the districts: Conscience, Paix, Paduwa, Léopold III, Industrie OTAN

The total cost of an electrical renovation is calculated according to the number of m2 to be renovated. In general, it will cost between 80 and 120 euros per m2. However, this amount can vary depending on various factors:

  • The type and condition of the existing electrical installation;
  • The type of building to be renovated;
  • The electrical equipment and materials required;
    The labour required.


Thus, the cost of an electrician’s intervention at home varies greatly from one project to another. In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, CD Engineering makes it a point of honour to provide you with a clear and detailed estimate before the work begins. Need an electrician for an electrical renovation? Contact our team now and get your free, tailor-made quote for your renovation electrician.

Generally, the hourly rate of an electrician in Evere varies between 45 and 100 euros. However, this rate can vary according to several factors: the difficulty and scope of the work, the number of electricians required on the site, the type and number of operations to be carried out, etc. In conclusion, it is impossible to put a figure on the cost of an electrician before you are aware of your request. It is therefore in your best interest to request a quote in advance from your electrician. At CD Engineering, we always provide a free estimate that includes all the costs for your electrical project in full transparency.

General electricity is one of the mainstays of modern homes. However, the power can suffer and be obstructed by various electrical failures. Whether it is in the electrical network, wiring, switches, upgrading, failure of an electrical panel, etc.

Therefore, here are some detailed issues that you might encounter:

  • Faulty outlets;
  • Problems with your circuit breaker;
  • Power outages of unknown origin;
  • Overloading of electrical circuits;
  • Outdated home automation system;
  • And much more.

In order to solve your problems with your electricity, CD Engineering offers you its services. We are a professional solution for your problems in any kind related to electricity requiring a repair as fast as possible. To deal with this type of situation, don’t hesitate to contact us to get help from one of our electricians. With 24 years of experience in providing services to individuals and professionals, we value an attentive and responsive approach to our customers. It is also important to ensure the flexibility of our services to best meet your expectations. In addition, you can contact us for electrical renovation, electrical troubleshooting, upgrading and other electrical work or to obtain a free estimate by phone.

We are ready to intervene for electrical troubleshooting all week long. From Monday to Friday, we are open from 7am to 10pm. Then, on Saturday from 9am to 8pm and Sunday from 9am to 6pm. Call us without hesitation, we will answer you.

Don’t worry about that. We bring the necessary equipment for electrical troubleshooting in Evere. We are ready to face any situation.

In general, there are two reasons why the main circuit breaker in your electrical panel might blow: a general power cut that affects your entire neighbourhood or an individual power cut that only affects your home. However, the cause of this electrical fault may be more complex than a simple power cut. Indeed, a blown circuit breaker is usually an indicator of a larger electrical problem:

  • A low- or high-voltage problem in the box due to faulty connections;
  • An electrical power too low to meet the needs of the installation;
  • A short circuit;
  • A grounding fault in the electrical network.


Whatever the cause, a blown circuit breaker should alert you to the problem and prompt you to contact a professional electrical engineer. The latter will be able to locate the fault and provide an adequate and lasting solution.

CD Engineering is available every day by telephone, by e-mail or via our online contact form for any request for a quote. Free of charge and without obligation, your estimate will include details of all the operations to be carried out as well as the total cost of the service. Would you like to call one of our certified electricians for your electrical work? Contact our team now, we will analyse your project together and provide you with a 100% free quote.

It is important to know that among the houses for sale in Brussels, many of the electrical installations of these houses no longer meet the standards of the RGIE. So, what are the greatest risks and negative consequences of an electrical system that does not comply with the established electrical standards in force? An electrical system that does not comply with current standards is therefore less efficient, and exposes you to the risk of degradation of your electrical circuits. Frequent short-circuits can become a real ordeal for your daily life if your installation is not up to standard. Also, if you have just acquired a new property, you are legally obliged to have your electrical installation reviewed if it does not comply with current standards.

Other services of your certified electrician in Evere

We also cater to your apartment and house needs. Our electricians in Evere are also certified to install video intercom systems. We offer you the systems that we believe will best suit your needs.

We are specialists in electrical troubleshooting and can intervene for any unusual power outage. A fuse is acting up? We come to your home to detect the cause of the fuse failure and repair your installation in no time. Among our professional tools, you will find for example an ammeter, insulating gloves to avoid electrocution, safety boots, a Phillips screwdriver, wire strippers, etc. Don’t take any risk and don’t put yourself in danger : contact CD Engineering !

Contact our electricians expert

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Our interventions in electricity and repairs everywhere in Evere and its surroundings

Take advantage of our expert services in all the communes of Brussels:


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