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Are you planning to do some electrical work in your house or apartment? Or do you need to bring your electrical installation up to standard? Whatever the reason why you want to call an electrician, you want to know the price of his interventions in Brussels. With CD Engineering, you don’t have any bad surprises. To know the price of your electrician in Brussels, you just have to ask for a free estimate by phone. This estimate lists all the work to be done and the allocated rate. Thus, you will never have bad surprises and will only pay the amount indicated on the estimate.

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For which interventions can we call an electrician and know his rates in Brussels ?

CD Engineering has been taking care of your electrical system for more than 24 years. Thanks to these years of experience, we can provide you with the best service in a very short time. Whether you have a power failure, a power overload that has caused a short circuit or a simple breakdown, we are here to help you. In this case, we carry out emergency electrical troubleshooting in the shortest possible time. We can also discuss the price of an electrician’s intervention in Brussels beforehand.

When it comes to a connection, an installation of an electrical system, or an electrical compliance, we can provide you with a detailed estimate of our steps.

tarif électricien bruxelles

Why should you call an electrician?

Any electrical system must be perfectly installed and secured. If this isn’t the case, a faulty electrical system can cause many accidents. Not everyone has the necessary electrical knowledge. If you do not have the skills of a professional and experienced electrician, you are putting yourself at risk. So, it is a very good idea to use a licensed electrician like CD Engineering. Having been in the general electrical business for many years, we have the knowledge to carry out any electrical job. Calling us is the assurance of a reliable electrical system. Our electricians will take care of the quick and proper installation of your electrical wiring, circuit breaker, electrical heating, … We also take care of electrical renovations, new electrical installation, connection to your electrical network, etc. Of course, our work complies with European and Belgian electrical standards.

tarif électricien bruxelles
tarif électricien bruxelles

Electricity quote in Brussels: how to estimate the cost of the work?

Relocation of an electrical socket, electrical renovations, installation of light fittings, work to comply with electrical standards, etc. There are many reasons to carry out electrical work. It is complicated to know the price of the work in advance. The cost can vary depending on the type of work, the workload and the size of your home. To make a correct estimate of the price of a job, ask for a free quote from your electrical company CD Engineering. In fact, we offer you your estimate, just give us a call. We will give you an accurate costing for all your work. You should also know that CD Engineering is transparent and listens to its customers. So there are no surprises when you start your work.

A quote for electricity in Brussels is required for all electrical work you undertake

For a complete renovation, small works or even for an upgrade, it is important to ask for an estimate. Whether it is for sockets, sheaths or a differential circuit breaker, an estimate is mandatory. Indeed, electrical work can take a long time to be completed and can require a certain amount of money. That’s why it’s important to ask for an estimate in order to know in advance the price of the work. CD Engineering offers you your quote. It is precise, clear and concise. No matter what the nature of the work, we make sure that the essential information appears on the estimate. As you can see, we are extremely transparent. The trust and satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. This way, you will get a good price estimate and a well explained quote.

tarif électricien bruxelles

CD Engineering handles your electrical repairs or any other electrical problem

A power failure or any other electrical problem can never be prevented. That’s why CD Engineering offers you its electrical repair services. Call us and we will send you a certified electrician. Indeed, CD Engineering is a specialist in the field of general electricity and electrical repairs. This means that we have no difficulty in dealing with electrical problems. The professional electrician we send you will find the cause of the fault and repair it. Properly equipped, he is ready to solve any problem. On the other hand, do not start electrical repairs alone. You will be putting yourself at risk and you could make the fault worse. At the same time, the cost of the intervention could increase. So call us without any hesitation.

tarif électricien bruxelles

Standards and electrician prices in Brussels

Prices may vary depending on the work required. The profession of electrician is an art. Indeed, it takes several years of training before becoming a good electrician. Indeed, the technician maintains, repairs, renovates, instals electrical systems, and takes care to apply the standards in force. As you can see, being an electrical specialist cannot be improvised, as the job is dangerous. It represents a risk for both parties if the craftsman doesn’t master his art. If electrical safety isn’t respected, it can put the lives of many people at risk. This is why there are standards imposing certain strict rules related to the electrical network.

The Belgian RGIE norm

Non-conformity of an electrical system can be fatal. That is why there are regulations that ensure Belgian standards. The RGIE standard is the general regulation for electrical installations. This means that it is the totality of the technical rules that must be applied by electrical companies. The RGIE standard ensures electrical compliance.
The regulations are regularly updated to keep up with technological advances in the field of electricity. This is why it is necessary to call on the services of a certified electrician. However, the renewal of standards implies a variation in costs. Ask your electrician in Brussels for a price quote based on the compliance work to be carried out.

The price of an electrician in Brussels depends on certain factors

The price may vary depending on several factors such as the service required. Is it the renovation of your connection? Or is it a new electrical installation? The price also depends on the extent of the work you wish to undertake. Do you want to change a switch, an electrical socket, or the circuit breakers? Or do you want to overhaul your electrical panel and air conditioning system? These elements seem trivial, but they must be taken into account. Then the price depends on the new standards in force and the geographical location! The price may also vary depending on the status and experience of the craftsman.

Ask for your free quote in electricity

You should also know that our quotes are completely free of charge. You can request the document by telephone or directly via our website. Or by email. There are paid estimates, but at CD engineering we believe that everyone has the right to request an estimate freely.

About our electricity prices and services in Brussels

How much does an experienced electrician cost per hour? How do you calculate the cost of your renovation? How much does it cost for a complete electrical renovation? Many of you have asked us questions about the hourly rate of an electrician in Brussels. CD Engineering, an expert in the execution of various works, answers you.

On average, the hourly rate of an electrician is between 45€ and 100€. This price varies, of course, according to several criteria.

  1. The difficulty of the work
  2. The urgency of the work
  3. The number of people needed on site
  4. The number of operations to be carried out

An intervention for a power cut isn’t the same as work to bring an installation up to standards that do not comply with the RGIE. Similarly, work throughout a house to ensure the electrical safety of the installations doesn’t require the same expertise as an intervention for a blown fuse. The level of difficulty of the work will therefore influence its price. In conclusion: the hourly rate of an electrician in Brussels varies enormously, and it is in your interest to ask an expert for an estimate in advance to find out how much your work will cost.

When you buy a house or flat, you are obliged to bring the electrical system up to standard if it isn’t already. This is an obligation of the Brussels region, which therefore grants you a premium to help you bring your installation up to standard.

In total, the amount of the premium depends on the number of m2 of living space to be brought up to standard. The grant may vary according to your income, location and the size of the work. Contact your local authority for more information.

An electrician will make appointments for standard work such as the installation of light fittings, the installation of overheating protection devices, or the upgrading of electrical standards. In general, a certified electrician will come to you for these interventions every day of the week, between 8am and 8pm. Some teams can adjust their working hours to offer you a wider range of hours. You can ask our electricians to arrange another appointment if the times we propose do not suit you, for example.

For an emergency intervention such as an electrical repair, some electricians can exceed these hours and offer to go to your place as soon as they receive your call to solve the problem. This is the case with our team. We come to you, with our electrical equipment, to solve your problem.

The cost of electrical refurbishment work varies greatly depending on the nature and extent of the work. As already mentioned, the level of expertise required to carry out electrical work is also a factor.

Bringing a 120m2 house up to standard isn’t the same workload as installing a new switchboard or repairing a distribution board. The same applies to the installation of an earth connection or work to redo a home automation installation or simply to connect an earth connection. The electrician will therefore invoice his work differently for these interventions.

The best thing to do is to ask for an estimate before carrying out your electrical renovation work. Contact CD Engineering to find out more about the price of an electrician in Brussels.

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