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Your renovations are not finished ? CD Engineering takes care of all your electrical renovations or installations. Your Ganshoren electrician has been working in the electrical field since 1996. More than 27 years in total. We are up to date with the latest electrical technologies that are progressing day by day. Moreover, we have a team with a lot of experience. Moreover, we are always ready to answer your questions. Our electricians are also available to do all the necessary electrical work in your house or building. This way, our electricians guarantee you the best quality work.

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CD Engineering : your specialist for electrical troubleshooting in Ganshoren

CD Engineering has excelled in this field for many years. In fact, our team of electricians performs many electrical troubleshooting interventions every year. Indeed, there can be many different sources of breakdowns. A short circuit, a defective electrical appliance, a blown fuse or a broken circuit breaker… Our electricians are trained and accustomed to intervene for any type of electrical breakdown. So when you find yourself in such a situation, call a professional and do not touch anything. This could worsen the situation.

CD Engineering intervenes for private individuals and professionals for small and large electrical breakdowns. Our repairmen are equipped with professional and quality electrical equipment in order to provide you with an impeccable service. We are always ready to carry out a fast intervention. So contact us now for your electrical troubleshooting in Ganshoren.

Électricien Ganshoren

The characteristics that make CD Engineering a reference electrician in Ganshoren

First of all, customer service is a big part of our company. One of our electricians in Ganshoren will actually make an appointment with you. He will then come to your home to see what is wrong with your electrical system. Before we suggest anything, we will discuss with you what you want for your home. 

Repair/intervention in case of power failure

Repair of your electrical circuits

Replacement of your electrical system

Intervention on telecom systems

Then, we’ll walk you through all the procedures to take. Whether it’s a small or large project, we’ll do it for you, depending on your request. Whatever your concerns, we are here to reassure you and update you on the progress of the work.

CD Engineering has indeed complete and quality services. We assure you that everything is functional, efficient, fast and safe. This is why we are the reference for your electrical work. Here is the list of our services:

  • Telecommunication;
  • Electricity;
  • Compliance;
  • Home automation;
  • Lighting;
  • Parlophony and videophony.

We also have video intercom systems. Our electricians are also skilled in the installation of these systems.

Your electrician in Ganshoren for optimal safety

Our electricians ensure the safety of the work to be done. It is indeed important for our company to offer you a safe environment. Electrical systems are indeed dangerous to handle. That’s why CD Engineering is the contractor you need.

All in all, CD Engineering takes the satisfaction of its customers to heart. Because it is thanks to it that our company adapts to all your requests. First, we are at your disposal to answer all your questions. On the other hand, we explain our actions in detail. Then, during the work, your electrician explains his steps one by one. Finally, the after-sales service is happy to take care of your follow-up. To conclude, your satisfaction is our priority.

Our experts' answers regarding electrical troubleshooting

CD Engineering, your electrician in Ganshoren, answers your questions about our electrical services and repairs. 

Of course we do. Our teams of electricians are available 7 days a week in order to intervene as soon as possible in case of an urgent breakdown.

This may vary depending on the area in which you live. On the other hand, we always make sure to provide a quick response. Our professionals have been working in the municipality of Ganshoren for many years and therefore know the city very well.

Estimating the price of a repair is difficult to do because each breakdown can be different. Depending on the size of the problem and the time needed to repair it, the price can vary. But you should know that we offer affordable and honest prices.

When you contact us for an emergency repair, we make every effort to get to your home as quickly as possible. Once there, an expert electrician will analyze your electrical system to find the source of the problem and repair it using professional equipment.

Our team of electricians travels to all the districts of the municipality. From the Laarbeek woods through the Villas of Ganshoren and Ganshoren Centre to the Jette Centre and the Basilica. We intervene everywhere in the city.

CD Engineering carries out repairs every day of the week. Monday to Friday from 7am to 10pm, Saturday from 9am to 8pm and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.

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