Switch symbol: how to represent a switch on a house wiring diagram?

Are you about to renovate your home? Do you need to understand the wiring diagram so you don’t damage your electrical circuit? Or are you about to have your house built and don’t know how to use the switch or circuit breaker symbol? Don’t panic, CD Engineering will explain the important points to know about the house wiring diagram and how to do it. Do you have some questions about your electrical installations? Contact us!

How to interpret and read an house wiring diagram?

The house wiring diagram is an architectural plan of the electrical circuit in a dwelling. Its main purpose is to show the various electrical installations and the layout of the electrical wiring. You should also know that all the diagrams and symbols on it follow the Belgian electrical standard. This is compulsory, and is also used to calculate the cost of the installation when building a new home. These plans are also very important if you need to maintain or repair your lighting system.

As for reading the diagram, it’s easy to understand once you know the symbols. Finally, know that there are two types of electrical diagram:

  • The single-line diagram showing the various electrical ducts, wiring and fittings;
  • The multi-wire diagram, which is much more precise and shows all the wires and their types, conductors and routes in the wiring diagram.


If you’re not the DIY type, you can have the house wiring diagram be drawn by a professional electrician.

symbole interrupteur

What is the switch symbol in an house wiring diagram and how is it represented?

There are several types of switch, each with its own symbol. However, the classic switch is represented as follows:

Switch symbol

Thus, when you see this symbol, you know it’s a switch. As we mentioned earlier, there are several other types. For example, you’ll find a two-way switch, a double-throw switch, a single-light switch, a double socket, a two-pole switch or a dimmer switch. All of these are usually represented by a circle and some other feature to differentiate them (a cross in the circle, lines running in different directions, etc.).

Therefore, when drawing up your house wiring diagram, all you have to do is draw this symbol where you want it.

The switch symbol and final installation of the sockets

Once you’ve decided exactly where you want to put your switches, it’s time to install them. This is a more delicate stage, involving several steps: connecting the circuit breaker to the electrical panel, installing the flush-mounted box that will house the switch, connecting the wires and fixing the socket.

In any case, if you don’t have the necessary skills to do this, call in a registered electrician instead. At CD Engineering, we have a team of professionals qualified for this kind of lighting work. We’ve been handling all your electrical requirements for over 25 years, and can also take care of the electrical installation. Request a free quote by phone or on our website.

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