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Do you need an electrical inspection in Brussels carried out by a certified electrician? Would you also like a free and entirely customised quote for compliance? Then ask CD Engineering for a free estimate. After carrying out the electrical inspection of your circuits, we will then discuss with you whether or not any work needs to be done. CD Engineering’s services cover emergency repairs for all types of buildings, new installations and breakdowns.

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Electrical installation control Brussels: our team of approved electricians

CD Engineering is active in the field of repairing and installing electrical networks. Since 1996, our company has been able to gain the trust and popularity of its customers thanks to quality work, speed and a democratic price. Here at CD Engineering, we are able to advise you in a professional manner. Many of our customers appreciate our transparency and our ability to listen. After all, we always work together with you. Our primary objective is your satisfaction.

Contrôle installation électrique Bruxelles

Your electrical installation inspection, a success thanks to CD Engineering

It is important to know exactly what these checks are and how we can work together to ensure that your building or home is up to standard.

Repair/intervention in case of power failure

Réparation de vos circuits électriques

Repair of your electrical circuits

Intervention on telecom systems

During these inspections, your electrical installations will be checked to determine if they comply with the terms and conditions imposed by the General Regulations on Electrical Installations.

CD Engineering also offers to carry out all the work related to your electrical installation if required. Or, if you already have one, we can simply draw up the one-line diagram and the position diagram. It is important to note that these two documents are essential during the inspection and must be submitted to the inspector so that the inspection process of your installation can be validated. Our electricians are committed to helping you with these not always delicate administrative procedures. For optimal help from us, you can of course also describe your project in detail to get a completely free, complete and accurate quote.

Do you have any questions about the electrical control in Brussels? Our certified electricians will answer them

When to have an electrical inspection? How to prepare for an electrical inspection? How to carry out an electrical inspection when selling a house? CD Engineering has put together the answers to your most frequently asked questions about electrical inspections in Brussels. Do you need an emergency electrical inspection? Our team of electricians is available everywhere in Brussels, whether you are in Anderlecht, Forest or Saint-Gilles. We intervene quickly in all the districts of the capital such as the Sablon, the Quartier de la Senne, Dansaert, Anneessens or Coudenberg.

The compulsory electrical inspection consists of checking the conformity of the electrical network according to the rules described in the RGIE (Règlement général des installations électriques). The latter defines the rules of the electrical installation. As regards the inspection procedure, the crucial elements of the existing electrical installation are examined:

  • The correct operation of the differential circuit breakers and the resistance of the earth connections;
  • The insulation resistance;
  • The presence of residual differential devices;
  • The distribution boards;
  • The dispersion resistance of the earth connection;
  • Etc.


Do you still have questions about the process of an electrical inspection? Contact CD Engineering and its team of professional electricians to find out more.

The inspection of your electrical installations is mandatory in various situations:

  • For a new construction: an electrical inspection is mandatory before the first use of an electrical network and the connection of the meter to the electrical installation;
  • When work is carried out or any major modification is made to an existing electrical installation: addition of an extra circuit, non-identical replacement of an electrical distribution board, etc;
  • When selling your home or any property: the electrical inspection is required if the electrical installation dates from before 1 October 1981.


In other circumstances, you are not required to carry out a specific electrical inspection. However, it is important to remember that an electrical installation up to standard is essential to avoid the risk of fire and electrocution. Therefore, a regular electrical inspection will ensure the electrical safety of the home or industrial building.

During an electrical inspection in Brussels, here are the documents you can provide to your approved electrician:

  • The EAN code (European Article Numbering) of the electricity meter. This code identifies the connection to the network and is shown on your electricity supplier’s bill;
  • If there has been a previous negative inspection, the report of the previous electrical inspection;
    The single-line diagram of the electrical installation: this is a schematic representation of an electrical installation showing the composition of each elementary circuit. This diagram also indicates the interconnection of the elementary circuits to form the electrical installation;
  • The positional drawings of your electrical installation. This plan indicates the position of the electrical panels, the connection boxes and junction boxes or the socket outlets. The position plan also shows the location of switches and appliances used on the electrical network.

The electrical inspection carried out when selling a house or flat is subject to a few specific conditions. If you want to sell a house whose electrical installation was put into service before 01 October 1981, you must have a compliance report. You must provide the new owner with the following documents

  • The electrical inspection report, i.e. the electrical compliance certificate;
  • The one-line diagram;
  • The positional diagram;
  • The EAN code.


If your property is not compliant, you can still proceed with the sale. However, the new owner will have to bring the installations up to standard and will have to carry out a compliance inspection. The selling owner is therefore obliged to provide an inspection certificate with the deed of sale. For this particular type of inspection, the seller must provide the date of sale to the authorised inspection body. Thus, the buyer will be obliged to bring the installation into compliance within one year.

The price of an electrical inspection in Brussels varies greatly because it depends on various factors. Indeed, the course of the electrical inspection and its price depend on the type of installation and the size of your electrical network. In addition, the cost of an electrical inspection also includes the payment and the intervention time of the electrician. On average, the inspection takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Thus, an electrical inspection generally costs between €150 and €200, not including any additional charges that may be applied by the electrician carrying out the inspection. Would you like to know more about the electrical inspection and its price? Then contact us! CD Engineering’s approved electricians will provide you with a free and transparent quote before any work is carried out.

To be considered valid, your electrical certificate of conformity must be issued by a certified electrician. Only this specialist is able to assess whether your installation complies with current standards. If your electrical installation does not comply, they will not be able to issue your compliance report. In this case, you will have to take the necessary steps to put it back in order within a year of the inspection. You can then call your approved electrician again to obtain an electrical compliance certificate.

The period of validity of an electrical inspection in Brussels varies according to the type of installation:

  • For installations for domestic use (flat, house): the report of the compulsory electrical inspection and the certificate of validity are valid for 25 years.
  • For non-domestic installations: every 5 years for low-voltage electrical installations and every year for high-voltage installations.

In both cases, only an accredited body can validate the certificate of conformity issued by your electrician after his intervention.

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