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You are going to build or renovate and want quality lighting? From functional lighting to decorative lighting, we advise you according to your choices. We carry out the study, the placement, the repair as well as the maintenance. Contact our team of electricians in Brussels.

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Placement of appliances

Our electricians are efficient in setting up any type of electrical installation.
First of all, the installation of house lighting. So you want to add brightness to your home? No problem, because an electrician eclairage Bruxelles is used to this kind of work.
Next, the placement of garden lighting. We will also make your exterior shine.
On the other hand, if you are a shopkeeper and wish to install a brighter system. We also do this type of work.
Finally, the installation of lighting devices in an office. In less than a day, our lighting team in Brussels can for example make your workspace dazzling.

Our electricians are also trained in other more complex installations. If you have a request for another type of renovation, then we will be able to satisfy you.

Lighting Brussels

Repair/intervention in case of power failure

Repair of your electrical circuits

Replacement of your electrical system

Intervention on telecom systems

Troubleshooting lighting Brussels

Our lighting electricians are also available for any emergency. Is your electrical system broken? Or your lamps do not work anymore? However, you do not find the origin of the problem. CD Engineering then moves in emergency. In order to help you out.

Lighting relamping Brussels

In short, relamping consists of the maintenance of all the different lighting devices. First, we remove all your bulbs. Then, we degrease their bases. After that, we clean the optics. Finally, we replace the old bulbs with new ones. It goes without saying that we take care of all the lamps at once, so that you don’t have to come back frequently when another lamp is defective.

Regarding the type of lighting fixtures, we take care of neon lights, LEDs, etc. And many others.

What are the advantages of relamping ?

First of all, your maintenance costs are lower. Because the simultaneous replacement of your entire lighting system means that you don’t have to have a defective lamp every month. So you don’t have to call an electrician frequently.

On the other hand, you can enjoy uniform ambient lighting. Indeed, your lamps all diffuse the same light. With the same intensity.

Architectural lighting:

Agabekov – Artemide – Axolight – Bega – Bel Lighting – Boom – BT Altaluce – Castaldi – Catelini&Smith – Concord – Dark
Deltalight – Encapsulite – Erco – Green Outdoor – Eye Led – Faeber – Flos – GS Newlight – iGuzzini – I Led – Ingo Maurer – Ital Lamp
Kine light – Kreon – Louis Poulsen – LED Design Innovation – Light – Light of Florence – Limburg – Ltb Light – Luce Plan – Lumiance Luxo
Martinelli Luce – Martini – Milan – Modular – Moonlight – Moooi – Murano Due – Noral – Nordlux – Oligo – Orbit – ProLED – Prisma
Rudolf Wendel – RZB – Simes – Stephane Davidts – TAL Lighting – Toss B – Waco – Wever & Ducré – Zumtobel – …

Technical Lighting:

CET Technics – Cooper Menvier – Eddis – Elimpo – Etap – Thorn – Goccia – Huppertz – Indigo – Legrand – Lumiance – Mazda – Niko

Norka – Orbitec – OVA Bargellini – Popp – Siteco – Technolux – Torn – Van Lien – Z line – …

Garden lighting:

Bega – Iguzzini – Rudolf Wendel – …

Delivery of bulbs, relamping, planned maintenance, spare parts:

Erea – Philips – Osram – Megaman – Radium – Sylvania – Tridonic.Atco – Vossloh Schwabe – …

CD Engineering, it’s all domestic, tertiary and industrial electricity. In strong current but also in weak current.

Why get a quote for lighting from CD Engineering?

The quote simply allows you to be sure of the budget you are going to invest. It also allows the electrician to study your request with precision. Indeed, it is thanks to the information you provide that the electrical specialist can provide a quality service. We would like to inform you that the estimate isn’t compulsory. Indeed, it depends on the work you wish to carry out and the price of the service of the latter. Nevertheless, CD Engineering offers you the estimate.

What is included in the quote for lighting in Brussels at
CD Engineering?

The document details the future services you want. It generally consists of several important statements. We have listed them below:

You will find all the details of the service provider’s company: address, company name, telephone number, legal status and VAT. Next comes the customer information, such as telephone number and address.

The document will detail the precise nature of the work required and the equipment needed. For example, you will be able to see the name and model of the lamp or type of lighting you have chosen. For example, it could be halogen or LED lighting. The text also gives information about the number of lights. So you will know exactly how many led spotlights or fluorescent tubes will need to be installed. Some quotes may indicate the layout of your lamps and the number. However, we would like to point out that this isn’t the case for all lighting quotes.

It informs, of course, about the unit price and the total price. Not forgetting that it notifies the VAT rate and the price including VAT. At CD engineering, all our quotes are free of charge. Please note that once you and the company sign the quote, the document is considered a contract.

How to request a lighting quote in Brussels?

If you would like a written statement detailing the work to be carried out, it is very simple. You can simply contact CD Engineering by phone for a quote for your lighting. Or you can contact our company by email. Don’t forget to be specific. The more specific you are, the better the team can serve you. That’s why we stress the importance of accuracy when you complete a quote. This way, we will be able to provide you with a tailor-made quote, just as you requested.

Éclairage Bruxelles

CD engineering offers you professional lighting services in Brussels

We remind you that CD engineering is competent for the installation of your interior lighting. Whether it’s for a recessed spotlight, allogeneous lamps, recessed spotlights or even floor lamps for the courtyard of your house. Our services can also help you to bring your electrical system up to standard. For example, we check whether the wiring, electrical sockets, switches or electrical panels are in order. In addition, we intervene very quickly in the event of a breakdown. So if you need a repair for your electricity, we are ready. Our electrical equipment is state of the art and this is what allows us to guarantee you an impeccable service.

CD Engineering also instals your garden lighting in Brussels

Whether it’s LED garden lighting or ground level garden lighting, CD Engineering can install your garden lighting in Brussels. When you have outdoor spaces, it is important to choose the right lights and install them correctly in your garden. Indeed, the installation of electric garden lighting requires :


  • Wiring
  • An electricity supply
  • A grounding


The installation of outdoor lighting therefore requires considerable electrical know-how and skills. This is why we advise you to call a professional electrician. They have the skills and equipment to install your lighting.

Why choose a certified electrician to install your electric garden lighting in Brussels?

With the exception of solar lighting such as solar garden lights, CD Engineering can install all your lights:


  • LED lighting
  • Detectors
  • Recessed lights
  • Bollard lights
  • Outdoor lantern
  • Outdoor projector 


In addition, our team travels throughout the city of Brussels. Whether you live near the Bailli, Saint-Catherine, Louise, Saint-Gilles or Saint-Boniface districts, we can help you with terrace lighting, the installation of your LED lamp or the connection of your lighting.

From Etterbeek to Saint-Josse, via Jette, CD Engineering provides your outdoor installation in all the municipalities around Brussels. In addition to being experts in home automation, compliance, door intercom and video intercom systems, our electricians are experts in lighting and outdoor lighting. Indeed, we have the skills, a wide range of equipment and several types of bulbs.

éclairage de jardin bruxelles

You still have questions about garden lighting in Brussels?

Your electrician can answer all your questions about electric garden lighting in Brussels. Take a look at our frequently asked questions. You’ll find answers to questions about LED garden lighting, the installation of low-energy lighting or the height of lamps to be installed in your garden.

To enjoy your beautiful summer evenings, it is important to have good outdoor lighting. To have a good lighting in your garden, you can for example :


  • Choose a wall-mounted outdoor light: this type of lighting is discreet while providing a diffuse and warm light in your garden
  • Place a recessed light: you can fix it on the wall, on the terrace or on the ground by choosing the orientation of the light
  • Installing lamps with sensors and motion detectors: they come on when they detect the passage of a person and remain off if necessary. This way you make energy savings.

To make the most of your terrace and highlight your garden, you can :


  • Illuminate your trees and flowerbeds
  • Place and light up lights on your garden terrace and/or porch
  • Light up your pond and/or vegetable garden
  • Place garden lights on the ground, in your garden path and on your steps


If you would like more advice and details about your garden lighting in Brussels, contact a professional electrician. Thanks to his expertise, he will be able to advise you and guide you in choosing the best lighting and the best locations.

A higher or lower light source will give more or less light. The type and intensity of your bulbs should also be taken into account. For example, for outdoor wall lights we recommend a height of between 1m70 and 2m50. If you want to highlight your flower beds, choose lighting with wide beams to illuminate all your plants.

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