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Is it difficult to find an electrician in Saint-Gilles? The answer is obviously no. Indeed, CD Engineering – expert electrician – is at your service. We are based in Brussels and we also move to Saint-Gilles.

Our company was founded in 1996. Therefore, the experience in the electrical field is not what we lack. Our priority is to offer a first quality service to all our customers. Indeed, your satisfaction and a functional electrical system are what we want to give you. In these conditions, your needs are our priority. Since an electrical system is unique, customizing our services is a must.

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Why call CD Engineering - electrician Saint-Gilles ?

Each of our electricians specializes in :

  • New installations;
  • Electrical failures;
  • Loss of electricity;
  • Timer replacement;
  • Electrical outlet;
  • Circuit breaker replacement;
  • Energy savings


And again, these services are just a few examples of the many skills our team has to offer. However, if your electrical concern is not on this list, it is probably within our capabilities. We are indeed skilled in all electrical work.

As far as security is concerned, it is an element of comfort for a house or a building. Therefore, our company can install a system adapted to your needs and desires.

We offer you a workforce that will meet all your needs. For this reason our team is here to make your project unique. First of all, we will proceed to a visit in order to find the source of your electrical problems. Then, the elements to be replaced or rectified will be presented to you. Then we will discuss your expectations and finally, we will start the necessary work.



électricien Saint-Gilles

Electrical troubleshooting in Saint-Gilles

A power failure can happen at any time. So don’t risk electrocution by trying to fix it yourself. Although the electrical failure may seem simple to correct, there are complications that can be hidden. That’s why it’s a good idea to call in a professional. In this case, call CD Engineering. We’ll send you a certified electrician who can find the source of the problem and fix it. Our highly trained professional electrician will troubleshoot the problem in no time. Your electrical installation will be back in working order very quickly. Moreover, our electrician will be at your place very quickly in order to take care of your emergency repair as soon as possible. Contact CD Engineering without further delay for electrical troubleshooting in Saint-Gilles!

Questions you may have about electrical troubleshooting in Saint-Gilles

Do you have questions about our services? Do you need information on electrical and electrical renovation? CD Engineering’s electrical experts answer frequently asked questions.

We intervene in the whole commune of Saint-Gilles. In particular in the following neighborhoods: Victor Besme, Parvis, Louise, Hôtel des Monnaies, Ma Campagne.

We have been in existence for more than twenty years. Whatever the electrical problem, we intervene. Thus, we deal with electrical renovation, repairs, electrical installations, …

Our electricians have the necessary equipment to be efficient during electrical troubleshooting. Each breakdown is different. Therefore, our equipment is adapted to any circumstance.

Yes, we are. From Monday to Friday, CD Engineering is available from 7am to 10pm. On Saturday, our hours are from 9am to 8pm and Sunday from 9am to 6pm. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problem, we will answer you.

As soon as you call, we dispatch one of our electricians to your home to perform electrical troubleshooting in Saint-Gilles. So he will be there very quickly.

If you have tried to reset your circuit breaker and it blows again, then there is a problem with your electrical circuit. In order to locate the source of the fault, no detector is needed. Simply unplug the last appliances you plugged in before the circuit breaker went out. If you can’t find the cause of the fault, we encourage you to contact an electrician to ensure that you get a proper electrical repair. A circuit breaker that doesn’t reset may be synonymous with a more serious fault on your circuit. Hence the need to call on CD engineering for your repairs.

Electrician Saint-Gilles: renovation is our specialty

Specialists in large-scale work and electrical installations, our electrical experts know how to handle large-scale projects. We have thus participated in the creation of numerous infrastructures in Brussels and Saint-Gilles. From the Châtelain to the Sablon, passing by the South Station or Bethlehem, the commune of Saint-Gilles has no more secrets for us.

We have renovated the electrical installations of many apartments and participated in the creation of buildings and housing for the municipality. At CD Engineering, we are proud to make our contribution to the city.

Furthermore we assure you that all renovations that will be done are in accordance with the Belgian law. A certificate will be given to you so that you can prove to the government that your electrical system is in conformity.

Fast repair in case of power failure

Installation of your electrical circuits

Compliance of electrical networks

Installation of telecommunication systems

How to find a good electrician in Saint-Gilles ?

In order to be sure of the honesty and reliability of a professional, always consult the reviews of his previous customers. You will easily find them via a Google search. By consulting the reviews of Internet users, you can be sure to receive a reliable service adapted to your needs.

A good electrician Saint-Gilles is also a trustworthy person, who has a good experience in his field. Consulting the references of your electrician is an excellent way to become aware of his skills.

An efficient electrician is also a well equipped person. Indeed, electrical equipment is important when it comes to work on sockets, electrical circuits or electrical panels. An electrocution can happen quickly if the equipment is not up to the task. So always be careful: your electrician must be equipped with the right tools to work on your electrical installations.

CD Engineering : also for the tertiary sector

We also offer our services to investors and professionals who are looking for teams capable of taking charge of industrial electrical work.

Among our panel of competences, you will find in particular :

  • The installation of a professional electrical system
    Centralization of the management of your building through home automation, setting up of your professional electrical appliances, etc. are some of the operations that we commonly perform in companies. Do not hesitate to call an electrician for this type of electrical work.
  • LED relamping
    The LED relamping represents many advantages for your company: economical and ecological, this lighting system also promises the occupants of the building an efficient luminosity. Our team of certified electricians will take care of the LED relamping of your entire building if necessary.
  • Computer network cabling
    Are you one of those companies that absolutely need professional network cabling? Then ask for the advice and intervention of a specialist in the field. CD Engineering has worked with many companies in Saint-Gilles and around for their network cabling.
  • Bringing your building up to electrical standards

Is your building up to date with the current standards? It is advisable to be attentive to the electrical standards, and to respect the RGIE. CD Engineering is a professional in the field of electrical upgrading. Our electricians regularly work on electrical projects in Saint-Gilles and Brussels for companies. We look at the meter, the electrical installations, the circuit breaker, the electrical panel, the wiring, the electrical connections, etc. In short: count on us for a job done with excellence!

électricien Saint-Gilles

Please feel free to browse our work and contact us for a detailed quote. We will be happy to answer all your questions, by email or by phone

Your questions to our team of certified electricians in Saint-Gilles

Do you have questions about our services? Do you need information about electrical work and electrical renovation? CD Engineering’s electrical experts answer frequently asked questions.

If you need to upgrade or renovate, contact us without delay. Once your installation is secure, you can sleep soundly again. To find out about our prices, ask us directly for a personalised quote!

Electrician Saint-Gilles: when to carry out an electrical diagnosis? When you want to rent or sell a property, it is essential and compulsory to carry out an electrical diagnosis. This allows you to check the general state of your electrical network and to see that it isn’t defective. This diagnosis is also compulsory for any electrical equipment that is more than 15 years old.

Finally, you should know that if you wish to sell, you are not obliged to undertake the work. You must, however, present the buyer with your diagnosis and the buyer is then in a better position to negotiate the sale price. The buyer will then be in a better position to negotiate the sale price, and will take care of the work once the property is acquired.
Finally, this diagnosis is also compulsory when you rent a property to a third party.

Electricity is made up of different specialisations, each of which has its own specialist electrician, the best known being the electrician. Among them, you can call an elevator operator for problems related to a lift, a goods lift or an escalator. An electromechanic will be needed for the installation of large production machines in a workshop or on a building site. A cable installer will build and repair electrical or electronic equipment on the basis of diagrams. From the industrial electrician to the building electrician or the electrician installer, you will undoubtedly find the qualified professional for your needs in the team of your electrician in Saint-Gilles.

To enter the profession, whatever the sector you are interested in, you must have a diploma attesting to your successful completion of an electrician training course.

Despite changing a fuse or restarting your circuit breaker, your breakdown persists? It is therefore advisable to call on a certified electrician in Saint-Gilles. When you want to carry out work in the field of electricity, it is necessary to have a professional help you. Your electrical installations must comply with current standards. The profession of electrician includes various safety rules so that there is no risk for you or for our professional. When installing an electrical system, you must ensure that the electrical distribution is done correctly. This is the passage of current between your home and the distribution network. A poorly made connection on your circuit or a confusion between the functions of high and low current can lead to accidents such as a short-circuit, a power surge or a risk of fire.

You are a tenant and you need a repair for your electrical installations and equipment in Saint-Gilles? You can of course contact an electrician, but we advise you to make sure that your landlord will take care of the repair beforehand.

Of course, all of our electricians are qualified to upgrade your electrical installation. In other words, if you have just bought a property or wish to rent or sell, we can take care of the upgrading.

In this case, it is very important to call a competent electrician in Saint-Gilles. Only he will be able to provide you with a valid certificate of conformity for your network. In case of non-conformity, a renovation of the installation will be necessary. For quality work, call CD Engineering without delay. We take care of all types of work without breaking your budget. Our electricians will first carry out a diagnosis before starting the renovation work. This way, you can be sure that only the parts that need to be renovated will be renovated.

Apart from the classic power cut, you can call an electrician when you have an electrical breakdown in Saint-Gilles. Does your exterior lighting no longer work? Are you worried about the age of your sockets? It is advisable to change them every 30-35 years to avoid domestic accidents. Are the roller shutters in your shop window struggling to operate? This is probably due to the motorisation system. Do you notice a problem with your electrical panel? Rely on the expertise of a professional. You will also need an electrician in Saint-Gilles if you are having your future home built. He or she will ensure that the various electrical installations are developed so that you won’t lack anything afterwards.

It is also possible to call an electrician to bring your installation up to standard or to install an additional electrical device such as a smoke detector.

Are you looking for an electrician in Saint-Gilles but don’t know which one to contact? CD Engineering guarantees you the intervention of a certified electrician wherever you are in the commune. All our professionals have a licence attesting to their electrical expertise. Our employees are continuously trained in order to offer you innovations and increasingly diverse repairs. We are at your disposal by phone and we also offer you a free estimate to get an idea of the cost of your repair on our website.

Would you like to know if a general electrical company employs electricians who are certified in the electrical field? Feel free to check their website as well as the reviews of customers who have already used their services.

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Our interventions in electricity and repairs everywhere in Brussels and Saint-Gilles

Take advantage of our expert services in all the communes of Brussels:


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