Electric car charging station: everything you need to know

When you buy an electric vehicle, there are lots of questions to ask yourself. In particular, what is its range? Are there many charging stations? Is an electric car charging station free? All these questions are totally legitimate, given that you’ve always been used to filling up with petrol rather than energy. That’s why CD Engineering, expert in electrical installations, is going to go over the important points you need to know before buying an electric vehicle. Or maybe you simply want to know more about charging the vehicle you already own.

Electric car charging station: which one to choose?

Whatever model you own, you can plug into any conventional charging station. In fact, with the exception of Tesla models, which have their own charging station, you can go to numerous charging stations. These are generally located at motorway service areas, car parks and other busy areas.

You should know that nowadays more and more charging stations have greater electrical power. This means you can recharge an electric car in less time. These fast-charging stations have a capacity of up to 350 kWh. This means you can shorten your breaks on long journeys and increase your electric mobility. Finally, you’ll find a detailed map of all the charging stations available to the public, online or on your phone, via an application. So you can easily calculate when you need to stop to recharge your vehicule.

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Is it possible to install a charging station at home?

Although you’ll find plenty of public charging stations on your daily commute, bear in mind that a home charging station is still the cheapest way to recharge your car. All you need are a few simple steps to install a charging point. The crucial step is for a professional electrician to carry out a diagnostic of your electrical installation to ensure your safety. In particular, the connection requires a lot of kWh, and this step helps prevent short-circuits.

With the charging cable in place, you can plug in your electric car at home. So you can leave it plugged in all night long. This saves you money, especially when you plug it in at off-peak times.

Is it free to charge your electric vehicle?

Some charging stations are free, others aren’t. For example, you can connect your vehicle to a free charging station around shopping centres or in certain parking spaces. As far as prices are concerned, they generally depend on the charging time, which may be longer or shorter depending on the power of the charging station. Lastly, some charge points require a badge, which you can obtain directly from an electric mobility operator.

In any case, recharging from a domestic socket remains the most affordable solution for everyday use. Contact our approved electricians without delay. They can check your installations and install an electric car charging station at your home!

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