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An outdated electrical system? Bring your electrical installations up to standard quickly. Both legally and in terms of safety, it is important to have an electrical installation that complies with standards. That’s why it’s important to be able to react quickly and call a certified electrician as soon as possible. Choose CD Engineering for your electrical installation compliance work in Brussels and the surrounding area. We take care of the compliance/upgrading of your house to electrical standards. Have you just bought a house, a flat or a business? Have you received an electrical non-conformity paper? To ensure your well-being, we are able to bring your installation into compliance. To do this, please do not hesitate to contact us now. We have been providing quality services for over 27 years

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Electrical installation compliance in Brussels: legal standards

First and foremost, you are required by law to have an electrical installation that is up to standard. In fact, for a standard home, you must have an inspection of your installations every 25 years. Tourist businesses, on the other hand, must do so every 5 years. In public places, installations must be inspected every year.

CD Engineering will go on site to check your electrical installations. During this inspection, we will check in particular :

  • Elements relating to energy loss, building insulation and earthing;
  • Equipotential connections, but also the differential;
  • Your electrical diagrams, your electrical panel and the protective conductors;
  • The colour code, the ducting and the equipment;
  • Fire protection.


If your installations comply with the legal standards, you will receive a certificate attesting to compliance with the standards in force. This certificate is then legally binding and can be used as such.

However, if any work is required, we will draw up an estimate based on the work to be done. Once the work has been carried out, we will provide you with a certificate of compliance that has legal force.

CD Engineering will assist you in bringing your home or commercial building into electrical compliance. You have received a certificate of non-conformity, or you need a certificate of electrical conformity to sell your property? Contact a certified electrician who will take care of the verification of your installations and the renovation work if necessary.

Our expertise as electricians in Brussels

On the basis of the visit report, we will draw up an estimate for the work to be carried out, for example:

  • This estimate includes both the insulation and the electrical loss (infringements 1101-1104);
  • It can also concern the earth connection ( infringements 1021 to 1211);
  • We also deal with equipotential bonding (infringements 1301 to 1310);
  • The quotation may also concern the differential (infringements 1401 to 1409);
  • Electrical diagrams are also part of our field of expertise (infringements 1501 to 1505);
  • We can also draw up a quotation for your electrical panel (infringements 1061 to 1808);
  • As far as protective conductors are concerned (infringements 1214 to 1219), our technicians are trained;
  • Estimates for colour coding but also for piping (infringements 1081 to 1819) are part of our expertise;
  • In fact, equipment (infringements 1091 to 1917) is one of our specialties.
  • We are also able to provide estimates for Fire Protection (infringements1712 to 1925).

Send us the official report by email (contact@cd-engineering.be) or by Fax (02-381-31-55). Mention your name and phone number and we will contact you afterwards to make a visit.

CD Engineering is all domestic, tertiary and industrial electricity. In strong current and also weak current. Active in this field for 27 years, we put our expertise at your service. In particular, we are specialists in electrical compliance in Brussels. We are able to carry out all interventions in this field. Consult our fields of activity, for example: electricity, home automation, telecom or lighting. Would you like to have a precise idea of our work before working with us? Go and see our achievements.

Compliance for private individuals in Brussels

Are you a new home buyer in Brussels? Do you think it’s time to have your electrical installations checked? For the safety of you and your family, it’s important to check any electrical installations that may be outdated. Electrical circuit compliance is not only a legal obligation, but also a moral duty you owe to yourself, your neighbors and your family. To limit any risk of fire or short circuit, call in a certified electrician. CD Engineering is the reference for electrical inspections in Brussels. Don’t hesitate to request a quote on our website. Our electricians will be happy to carry out a professional inspection of your installations.

Let CD Engineering, your local electrician in the capital, handle your electrical compliance in Brussels

Brussels holds no more secrets for CD Engineering, your electrician specialised in electrical compliance for over 27 years. We travel all over the capital, including the communes of Saint-Gilles, Koekelberg and Anderlecht. From the Stock Exchange to Schuman, via the Place de la Monnaie, we are reactive in all the districts of Brussels. We also travel near the Place Sainte Catherine and Yser.

Would you like to contact one of our qualified electricians to bring your electrical installations into compliance? Would you like to know the price of an electrical upgrade? Our team will answer your questions by email, telephone or directly via our online quote form. We are able to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for electrical upgrades.

Electrical compliance: when should you check your installations in Brussels?

An inspection of your electrical installations is necessary when, for example:

  • You want to connect your installation to a new system, or your home/shop is going to expand or change significantly;
  • You request an increase in the power of your electrical connection;
  • You are selling your property and must therefore provide the buyer with an inspection report.


In addition, an electrical compliance inspection must be carried out:

  • Every 25 years for a house, both in the city and in the country;
  • Every 5 years for businesses and tourist accommodation;
  • Every year for public places.


Apart from these obligations, do not hesitate to call on a certified electrician to check your electrical installation if you think it is necessary. Indeed, it is important for your personal safety as well as for that of your family to have an electrical installation up to standard. So, if you live in a rather old house, have your installations checked regularly.

What does CD Engineering offer for electrical upgrading?

To begin with, your CD Engineering electrician will visit you and carry out an inspection of your installations. We then draw up an estimate for you, which includes :

  • The insulation and the electrical loss of your house/shop;
  • The different earthing systems and equipotential connections;
  • The differential but also the different electrical diagrams;
  • It is also possible to include in the estimate everything concerning your electrical panel;
  • The different protective conductors and the colour code;
  • Finally, fire protection and switchgear are part of our area of expertise.


Then, if your electrical installation is up to standard, we will provide you with a certificate of compliance. If no work is required, you can have your certificate issued by us without any problems. If, however, your installation doesn’t comply with the legal standards, we can only issue you with a certificate once the work has been carried out to bring it into line. Another case may be that your installation complies with the legal standards but has a number of defects that could become problematic in the long run. In this case, we will give you our expert advice on how to optimise your circuits. But in the end, it will be up to you to decide whether or not you want to carry out this preventive work.

mise en conformité électrique bruxelles

CD Engineering's solution for your electrical compliance

In order to eliminate your possible electrical problems, CD Engineering offers you its services. We are your electrical solution for your various electrical malfunctions requiring an electrical renovation. Moreover, CD Engineering is known for its speed of intervention. For a fast and efficient compliance of your electrical installations, do not hesitate to contact one of our electricians. With 27 years of experience in the field of electrical renovation and compliance, we offer quality services to individuals and professionals. It is also important to us that our hours and service offer are flexible in order to best meet your expectations. In addition, you can contact us for connection problems, electrocution, connections, circuit breaker repairs, obsolescence problems, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate by phone.

Receive your electrical compliance certificate in Brussels

After our visit, we will give you an inventory of your electrical installation. Afterwards, if any work is required, we can take care of it. Once the electrical upgrade is complete, you will receive an electrical upgrade certificate which certifies that your installation is up to standard.

Electrical compliance estimate Brussels: how to determine the price of the electrical compliance?

Prices may vary depending on the work required. It is therefore not possible to determine the exact price of electrical compliance in advance. Indeed, it depends on several factors:

  • The state of the existing electrical installation;
  • The size and condition of your home (old home, commercial premises, etc.);
  • The extent of the repairs (complete or partial renovation);
  • The electrical equipment used;
  • The technical diagnosis to be carried out.


To find out the price of bringing your home into compliance with electrical standards, our team of approved electricians will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. We are at your disposal and totally transparent in order to determine the cost of all your work. The estimate is clear and concise, and we make sure to include all the essential information on the estimate. This way, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises during your work. Moreover, the profession of electrician requires several years of training and becoming an electrical specialist isn’t something you can improvise. Contact us now for more information on our expertise in electrical compliance in Brussels.

devis mise en conformité électrique

Get your free quote for electrical compliance

In order to allow you to compare our prices with those of our competitors, we offer you a free quote.

You can contact us either via our contact form or via our telephone number. We will then make an appointment for you to inspect your installations.

CD Engineering is your electrician for all types of electrical work, including compliance. We work in industrial buildings as well as in office spaces, shops, flats and houses, public places, etc. In conclusion: you can count on our expertise and professionalism.

Ask for a quote for electrical compliance or our other services in electricity

In addition to electrical upgrades, CD Engineering is the specialist for :

  • Renovation and installation of a new electrical system: CD Engineering’s qualified electricians have the necessary skills to redesign your entire electrical installation quickly and professionally.
  • Installation and configuration of your telecommunication devices: our electricians come to your home to configure your various telecommunication devices such as your landline telephone, your computer or your television.
  • Centralisation of your appliances with a home automation system: home automation is becoming increasingly important in modern homes and buildings and makes it possible to centralise the various internal electrical systems. We install all home automation systems for all your electrical appliances.
  • The installation of your lighting systems: lights are essential in a building. Our team is trained to install interior and exterior lighting such as luminaires or garden lamps in your house or flat.
  • The installation of video and door entry systems: this system allows you to see and hear the person you are talking to at the entrance to your flat, house or flat. It also allows you to open the door from a distance in complete safety.
    Contact us now, we will be happy to help you. We will provide you with an estimate for electrical compliance or any type of electrical installation work in your home.
mise en conformité électrique bruxelles

CD Engineering, the specialist in electrical compliance in Brussels at your service

CD Engineering is first and foremost a team of professionals who are there to meet all your needs. Over the years, our know-how has been strengthened in order to give our customers the best possible service. Thus, we make it a point of honour to offer you :

  • An efficient and fast intervention in all areas of the capital. We will come to you as quickly as possible, depending on your availability.
  • The use of high quality equipment, because an efficient service depends above all on the use of professional tools.
  • Fair and transparent rates, announced in advance in the estimate. The budget for the intervention is thus determined before the work begins.
  • We listen carefully to your needs and requests. Our customers’ satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we offer you a service that listens to your needs.
  • A professionalism acquired and confirmed over our many years of experience.


So, when you call CD Engineering, you can be sure that you are dealing with a team of certified and professional electricians. Contact us now by email, telephone or via our website to get your electrical compliance quote in Brussels.

A safety issue too

It is also important to consider your safety. You could be put at risk because of outdated installations. Without updating your system, electrocution or fire could quickly occur. In addition, if your electrical system isn’t properly installed, many insurance companies will not cover you. So, in your home, think of yourself and your family. Have your electrical installations checked as soon as you think it is necessary.

Do you want to change the type of network or reinforce it? Our electricians can also prepare your electrical installation for reinforcement or a change of network type. CD Engineering will take care of bringing your electrical installation up to standard, as well as carrying out a study and drawing up plans for your building.

What is electrical installation compliance in a flat?

If you own your own home, whether house or flat, you must comply with safety regulations regarding general electricity. But what is the compliance of the electrical installation of a flat? To better understand what it is all about, compliance is the verification of your electrical network to ensure that it complies with the standards. This check must be carried out for all housing built before 1 October 1981 and at least every 25 years. If the system doesn’t comply, you are obliged to carry out work to bring it up to standard. Bringing the system up to standard allows you to protect your property and yourself. Indeed, the risks of fire or other accidents are much greater in a non-compliant location. CD Engineering explains in a few points the important things you need to know on the subject.

Compliance of electrical installations in flats: tenant or owner, who pays?

If you are a tenant with a commercial lease, you do not have to pay for electrical safety. In fact, unless otherwise stipulated, it is the lessor’s responsibility to ensure that the occupants are housed in the best possible conditions.

How much does it cost to bring a flat's electrical installation up to standard?

It is difficult to put an exact figure on the cost of bringing a flat into compliance. It usually varies depending on the electrical company you hire. The price also varies according to the current state of your electrical installation. The older it is, the more you will have to pay, and vice versa. You should therefore call on a professional electrician you can trust.

At CD Engineering, we have been working with qualified electricians for 27 years. That’s why it’s a common procedure to have a flat retrofit. In addition, we have all the necessary equipment to carry out an electrical renovation safely. Contact us now by phone or on our website. The estimate is free and without obligation!

Entrust the electrical upgrading of your flat to our certified electricians

Since 1996, CD Engineering has been specialised in electrical compliance for flats in Brussels. We carry out daily interventions of electrical compliance in Brussels with know-how and professionalism. Old electrical circuits and appliances in flats and houses can cause problems at any time. It is therefore essential to call a qualified professional to keep your home safe and habitable.

In a furnished rental, a rented flat or a shared apartment, bringing your electrical installation up to standard is therefore essential. In the Brussels region, as elsewhere in Belgium, electrical compliance is mandatory in the following situations:

  • When selling a flat with a non-compliant installation
  • When the last certificate of conformity is more than 25 years old.
  • When a new installation is completed. A flat that has been completely renovated may therefore also require an electrical upgrade.


Would you like to know the cost of bringing a flat or duplex into electrical compliance? Contact CD Engineering now by phone, email or via our contact form.

mise en conformité électrique appartement

Electrical compliance prices for a flat: get a clear and complete quote with CD Engineering

The cost of an electrical upgrade varies and depends on the extent of the work that needs to be done. The price may also vary according to the size of the house, as the work isn’t the same for a duplex flat, a small building, a studio or social housing. The intervention will also be different depending on whether it is a ground floor flat, first floor or top floor. To find out the price of bringing a flat into line with electrical standards, the easiest way is to draw up a tailor-made estimate that takes into account all the work to be carried out.

In order to proceed with the price estimate, we provide you with a free estimate that details the various stages of the work. In this way, we can give you a precise figure for the exact cost of your work and you will avoid any unpleasant surprises. At CD Engineering, our watchwords are transparency and listening to our clients’ needs. If you have any questions about the electrical upgrading of your flat in Brussels, we are happy to answer them by e-mail or telephone.

Home electrical compliance: adopt the right reflexes

Have you just bought a building plot? Your house building project has started and your architect has talked to you about electrical compliance? Do you live in a family home and are you considering extensions to your electrical system? Electrical upgrading is a very important element in a modern house, regardless of the style of construction. An outdated electrical system can lead to short circuits and even fires, making your home uninhabitable. Among the first signs of a faulty installation are the absence of a one-line diagram, a lack of insulation or a lack of continuity with the earthing system. In the case of house construction, compliance is also necessary before connecting the installation to the network.

Would you like to know the cost of bringing a house in Brussels into compliance with the regulations? Contact the team of professionals at CD Engineering now, we will take the time to answer your questions and draw up a free, no-obligation estimate.

Electrical compliance prices for a house: a complete and detailed estimate with CD Engineering

It is difficult to calculate precisely the total price of an electrical upgrade. In the case of a purchase, electrical upgrading represents an additional budget to be included in the price of a house and the house building estimate. Also, the price will vary if it is a house with an existing but defective electrical network. Thus, the price of an electrical upgrade of a house is very variable, as it depends on many factors:

  • The living area, the number of facades and the condition of the existing electrical installation;
  • The size of the house and the type of construction. The work isn’t the same for a single-storey house as for a multi-storey house;
  • The electrical equipment used;
  • The extent of the renovation required.


The best way to estimate the budget for a house upgrade in Brussels is to ask for a clear and detailed estimate. At CD Engineering, we provide free, tailor-made estimates. This way, you can be sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Your questions about electricity compliance in Brussels

We have put together a list of your most frequently asked questions about our electrical compliance work in Brussels.

The verification of the electrical conformity is carried out in particular by checking the electrical network, the sockets, the electrical panel, the circuit breaker, etc. A professional electrician will come to your home with his electrical equipment and carry out a check-up of your home. He will then provide you with a list of the items to be updated. If, for example, your grounding plug is faulty, it must be replaced. You could also have problems with electrical connections, or an electrical panel that does not meet standards. There are a lot of things to check when it comes to the electrical sector. Always entrust this work to an experienced electrician!

Have you requested the intervention of an electrician for compliance work? Then you must receive a certificate of compliance from your electrician as soon as the work is completed. This certificate is proof that your home now meets the electrical standards. But of course, your peace of mind is the most important thing. That’s why you should choose a trusted professional for this type of work. CD Engineering has been carrying out electrical compliance interventions in Brussels for private individuals and professionals for 26 years now. Ask for our references if you want to know more about our expertise. You can also ask for a free and obligation-free quote via our form!


It should be noted that many of the electrical installations in houses sold in Brussels no longer meet the current RGIE standards. So what are the most important risks and negative consequences of electrical installations that do not meet the electrical standards set by the regulations? The greatest risk you could face is an electrical fire. It is important to note that a third of all fires are caused by electrical equipment that has suffered short circuits or problems with the electrical network and its connection. Whether the house is old or new, whether it is a house or a flat, electrical compliance is important, so think about it when you move in.

The certificate of conformity can only be issued by an approved inspection body for a period of 25 years. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is important to be aware of the different rules for electrical compliance beforehand. In fact, you must provide the inspection body with the single-line diagram of your installation, a diagram of the various elements of your installation (electrical sockets, differential switches, circuit breakers, etc.) and the EAN code that identifies the connection of the electrical installation.

There are subsidies for electrical renovation work. However, electrical upgrading in Brussels doesn’t entitle you to a specific premium. To find out more, we advise you to contact the responsible authorities to find out about the rules for electrical upgrading and the possible premiums available.

Among the most common violations are the absence of a one-line diagram or position diagram, the lack of insulation of conductors with sheaths, the lack of differentials or the discontinuity with the earthing system. In this case, you must bring your electrical installation into conformity as soon as possible.

The retrofitting of electrical installations in a flat is similar to that carried out in a house or other building. As a tenant, you do not have to pay for the upgrading of your electrical installation. Unless otherwise stated, it is the responsibility of your landlord to bring the property up to standard in order to maintain the safety of the occupants. A non-compliant electrical installation can lead to electrocution and damage to your household appliances.

The earthing point is connected directly to the earth from the electrical panel and is the end of the earthing circuit in a house.

To finalise the electrical compliance process, you must ask the inspection body to come and check the installation. This will certify the new installation. The inspection and the certificate of conformity that is then issued cost around 150 euros.

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