prise électrique

Electric socket

Electric socket: how does it work? The electric socket is a connector that connects electrical appliances to the electricity network. The socket has three terminals:

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coupure de courant

Power outage

Power outage: what’s causing it? A power outage can happen quickly and usually at the most inconvenient time. Many problems could be the cause of

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borne wifi

Wifi terminal

Wifi terminal: optimize your connection Your internet access doesn’t work everywhere in your home? You wish to have no more problems regarding your internet connection?

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rgie 2021

RGIE 2021

RGIE 2021: regulations for electrical installations in force in Belgium What is the RGIE? Are there any new standards for the RGIE 2021? Why is

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rgie 2020

RGIE 2020

RGIE 2020 : General regulations for electrical installations What is the RGIE? What’s new with the GIE 2020? Why is it important to comply with

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interrupteur différentiel

Differential switch

The differential switch: make the right choice for your safety! The differential switch is a major electrical component of the electrical panel. When building or

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