RGIE 2020 : General regulations for electrical installations

What is the RGIE? What’s new with the GIE 2020? Why is it important to comply with the new regulations? Who can upgrade my home? All of these questions that you are probably asking yourself, are addressed in this article. CD Engineering, experts in electrical compliance, answers them.

What is the RGIE?

The RGIE is the general regulation for electrical installations in Belgium. It contains the standards to be respected during any installation of an electrical system. These regulations have been mandatory in Belgium since 1981.

It concerns both the domestic electrical network (house, apartment,…) and the industrial electrical network (offices, factory,…). It ensures the electrical safety of the installations and to avoid electrocution or fire.

The old RGIE being nearly 40 years old, it was also high time to update some regulations that were no longer in line with more recent developments.

RGIE 2020

What's new with the RGIE 2020?

In order to bring Belgium in line with other European countries, the modernization of the General Installation Regulation was mandatory. In October 2019, the RGIE 2020 was published in the Belgian Official Gazette. And it is only on June 1, 2020 that it is applicable in Belgium.

This new RGIE takes into account the new technologies and has been adapted to make the legislation easier to understand and use.

Substantive changes to the RGIE in 2020

The old RGIE consisted of a single book. From now on, the regulation is divided into 3 distinct books. Each of these books has 9 parts. The first book deals with low and extra-low voltage electrical installations. The second book deals with high voltage electrical installations. And the third book deals with installations for the transport and distribution of electrical energy.

Main changes to the 2020 general regulations

The main novelties in the RGIE of 2020 concern preventive measures against fires, schematics, electrical controls, existing electrical installations, etc. But the big change is the addition of new technologies in the legislation. We are talking about charging stations for electric cars, smart homes such as remote control of switches,…

Again, this new RGIE aims to be more up to date with our time and is also easier to understand in terms of legislation. It is therefore very important to respect these regulations to avoid any fire, electrocution risks or any other problem that may be related to the general electricity of your home. Electrical safety is to be taken very seriously.

RGIE 2020: bringing the power grid into compliance

How and who to call to bring our electrical appliances into compliance? Electrical retrofitting must be done by a certified electrician. At CD Engineering, our electricians are professionals, qualified for each task they perform and they have the appropriate electrical equipment. Compliance is obviously part of the services we offer in the Brussels area and the 19 municipalities. Don’t hesitate to call an electrician.

Compliance simply means bringing the electrical installation of your home up to standard so that it complies with current standards. Once this is the case, you will receive a certificate of compliance. It is imperative that you have a compliant electrical installation. Firstly for the safety of your home and secondly for your safety and that of your family.

The cost of the retrofit can vary, at CD Engineering we offer affordable rates and guarantee a professional job. You can request your electrical renovation quote online or by phone. We can be reached at 02 381 31 01. Don’t wait until it’s too late to call a professional.

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