Electric meter Belgium: what is its role and how to read it?

The electricity meter is at the center of your electricity network and records the electricity consumed by a home or a building. This energy is calculated in Kwh, or kilowatt hours. In addition, when your energy supplier comes to your home, he will take a meter reading. This enables him to deduct an electricity bill in proportion to the amount of electricity consumed. Your consumption data is displayed on a small screen on the meter itself. CD Engineering, expert in electrical installations, tells you more about electric meter in Belgium.

What types of electricity meters are there?

If you’re about to have your electrical installation redone, or if you’re having your home built, you’re probably thinking about your electricity system. Installing the entire electrical network can be a long and tedious job, and needs to be done with care. When it comes to installing the meter, you have a number of choices of single-phase meters.

If you have a meter with a wheel that turns on the front, you have an older model known as electromechanical. You’ll also find newer, smaller meters with LCD or mechanical displays. They show your electricity, water and gas consumption in real time. Electric meters have also been introduced in Belgium, following many other European countries.

Finally, if you are a professional with a large premises, a single-phase meter will probably not be enough. The electrical power needed requires a three-phase meter. A three-phase meter is better at redistributing electricity into 3 large sectors rather than just one. This solution is therefore more efficient.

compteur électrique belgique

Where should the electricity meter in Belgium be installed?

In Belgium, the electricity meter needs to be easily accessible, but also well protected from rain and damp. The meter is only installed once the entire electricity network has been connected. In addition, qualified professionals carry out the work. They decide where to place the meter, whether inside or outside your home. It can also be placed in a garage to protect it without having to add a protective box. CD Engineering’s approved electricians are used to this type of electrical work and will install the meter for you.

Electric meter in Belgium: How to check that it is working properly?

If you think your electricity meter is defective, or if you want to make sure it’s working properly, here are a few things to check. Firstly, if your meter is making an abnormal noise, it could be defective. Secondly, if the wheel on your electromechanical meter is spinning too fast or your bill seems higher than usual, this is an important indicator. Finally, if your bill increases considerably even though you haven’t changed your habits, the meter may be defective. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to contact us on 02 381 31 01 or directly on our website!

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