RGIE 2021: regulations for electrical installations in force in Belgium

What is the RGIE? Are there any new standards for the RGIE 2021? Why is it necessary to bring your electrical system into compliance? In which cases? By whom? And what are the consequences if it is not done? CD Engineering, expert in electrical retrofitting, answers all these questions in this article.

RGIE 2021: what is it and reminder of the standards

The RGIE is the general regulation for electrical installations. This one was entirely revised in 2020 but has been applied in Belgium since 1981. These regulations allow the safety of electrical installations in order to avoid problems such as electrocution, fires,…

In 2021, there will be no major revision like last year. Everything that was applicable will remain applicable this year.

As a reminder, the 2020 RGIE is divided into 3 separate books. The first book deals with low and extra-low voltage electrical installations. The second book deals with high voltage electrical installations. Finally, the last book deals with installations for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy. The purpose of this formatting is to facilitate the understanding and use of the regulation.

The novelties concern the insertion of new technologies in the regulation and also on fire, control and electrical safety. Fire prevention measures are a major point in this regulation. In fact, they have been completely revised and modified. It is mainly a question of prohibiting the use of halogen, which, in the event of a fire, favours the reduction of toxic smoke.

rgie 2021

Electrical renovation and compliance, respecting the RGIE 2021

But what is electrical renovation and retrofitting?

In both cases, the aim is to update the electrical installations in your home or any other premises containing electrical equipment. What’s more, it’s an approved electrician who has to come in and carry out this upgrade, obviously in compliance with RGIE 2021.

CD Engineering takes care of your electrical renovation work as well as the compliance of your electrical network. Licensed and professional electricians, we have all the appropriate electrical equipment and intervene in private homes and businesses. We also offer other services such as the installation of circuit breakers, electrical outlets, the repair of fuse boards, of your entire electrical system,… We take care of small and large electrical works. For more information, you can contact us by phone or ask for your estimate on our website or by phone too

Non-compliance with electrical standards and legislation: consequences

Whether you have just bought a house, an apartment or you want to do some work, you are obliged to make an electrical compliance of your electrical equipment. Remember that this must be done by a certified electrician.

If you discover that your electrical installation does not comply with safety standards, you have a period of 18 months after it was reported. But it is advisable to do it immediately because it can be dangerous. If you have poor insulation or a problem with your main breaker, a fire can happen quickly. And if you are not up to standards, the insurance company can refuse to intervene. So whether it’s from a financial or safety point of view, call an electrician. CD Engineering will do the electrical diagnosis, upgrade your electrical network and carry out the electrical installation.

upgrading to electrical standards?

CD Engineering and its team are up to date with all RGIE updates, so contact us if you need a RGIE 2021 compliant refurbishment.

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Would you like to find out more about the RGIE 2021? Contact our accredited electricity experts

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