Door phone connection: CD Engineering can install your doorphone system

Are you looking for a simple and effective electrical access control system? Then a door phone is just what you need! It’s an excellent choice that will ensure your safety and peace of mind… as well as that of your home or office. Thanks to CD Engineering’s approved electricians, find an electrician who can help you install your door phone system in Brussels. Once the electrician has connected your door phone, you can filter access to your premises efficiently and with complete peace of mind.

Why should I have a doorphone in my home?

First and foremost, a door phone is an intercom system that ensures communication between an entrance door and the inside of a building. Whether it’s a flat, a house or a company. Unlike a video intercom (also known as a videophone), it does not offer a visual view of the outside. However, it does allow audio communication via a loudspeaker. This distinguishes it from a simple doorbell, which doesn’t allow you to make direct contact with the outside world. There are different types of intercom, such as video surveillance intercom, wireless intercom, wired intercom and so on. But the system remains broadly the same.

As you can see, a door phone allows you to find out who is at your door, to communicate with your visitors remotely and safely… But above all, to be sure of their intentions before opening the door. What’s more, an electric doorphone is usually equipped with various buttons that can be used to remotely unlock a door or even electric gates.

As you know, the safety of your home and your loved ones is essential, even primordial. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in the latest door phone technology… A real revolution in the doorbell market, with doorbells that no longer look like a simple button. It’s a global remote control system!

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Is it possible to connect a doorphone by yourself?

In principle, of course, anyone can try to connect a door phone. But in reality, installing door phone systems is a fairly complex operation that requires a number of skills. For example, you need to have some knowledge of electricity, to know how to deal with the wires and to know how to make the electrical connections. You also need to make sure you have the right electrical equipment to connect and install the door phone system. And you always have to make sure that you comply with Belgian electrical regulations (RGIE). That’s why it’s generally advisable to call in a professional electrician for the electrical installation of your door phone. The installer is used to this type of electrical work and will be able to help you with ease.

Why contact CD Engineering for the installation of your door phone?

For 27 years, we’ve been offering a wide range of electrical services, including emergency repairs, compliance work and lighting installations. We also install and repair door phone and video systems. In addition, our professionals work in all the communes of Brussels. They will be able to help you quickly to connect your door phone. Don’t delay in contacting us for a free electrical estimate.

Connecting a door phone for greater comfort

The door phone provides peace of mind for the house and its occupants. You can see who is at the door from inside the house. And you can ask the visitor for all the necessary information before opening the door. The door phone saves time. For example, you can open your gate remotely. Similarly, if you have a door with an electric lock, you can open it remotely. No need to open the door manually! The door phone acts both as a doorbell and as a guard at the entrance. No more worrying about who’s ringing your doorbell! Not only are you protected, but you’ll also save time!

Connecting a door phone according to your needs

The door phone has different models and different features available. For example:

  • The radio intercom has a door station, an internal station, a call button and a microphone. The door station is the external interface. In other words, it is the shape of the model of your device. The door station acts as a message transmitter. It includes a protective visor. The door phone is the improved version of the traditional doorbell.
  • The video door phone also includes a door station, a loudspeaker, a microphone and, of course, a camera. The device has almost the same advantages as video surveillance. Its video functionality provides extra security, so it’s a little more upmarket. The choice between a traditional audio intercom and a video intercom is simply a matter of preference. The electrician doesn’t need to embed the device in the wall, just to fix it near your door or gate.
  • The wired intercom system involves a connection, via an electric wire, between the door station and the indoor station. The wireless intercom, on the other hand, is a bit like a wireless doorbell. You don’t need to make any connections. In addition, its message can be transmitted up to 200 metres away! The wireless system saves time and money.

Connecting a door phone is very simple with CD Engineering

The intercom system is relatively simple to use. In addition, the box is very easy to install and comes in a range of different models. These devices can be adjusted to suit your wishes, needs and budget.

Technology is an extraordinary tool that can guarantee optimum comfort. Some models come complete with functions worthy of a mobile phone! Here are just a few for your enjoyment:

  • Choose your favourite sound: You can select different ringtones that you can change and alternate as you wish.
  • Enjoy night vision: this feature lets you see the person ringing when it’s dark.
  • Take photos: the image memory option also lets you take a photo of the person ringing the doorbell!


We hope we’ve given you enough information about possible alternatives to traditional doorbells. Don’t hesitate to contact our qualified electricians if you need any further information.

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