What to do if you have a power cut?

A power failure is a problem that can occur at any time. It is therefore important to know how to react to it in order not to make the situation worse. This article will help you understand what to do if you have a power cut, but also the causes of this type of problem thanks to the answer of an expert in electrical troubleshooting!

What to do if you have a power cut? Here's what to do

First, check to see if you are the only home affected. Ask your neighbours, if you are not the only one, then it is a global problem. If not, it is a power failure.

If you have a power failure, check the electrical panel to see if the circuit breaker has tripped. This most often happens when there are too many electrical appliances plugged in at the same time in your home. It could also be that a faulty light bulb or wire has caused a short circuit.

Then try to find the appliance or installation that caused the problem. In order to do so, you can call one of our electricians. A licensed electrician will ensure that your electrical installations are operational and will come fix your problem. He will make sure to find the origin of the breakdown if it has not been found beforehand. Then, if necessary, he will then analyze the compliance of your electrical installations. Finally, he will work on bringing them into compliance, if they are not.

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What is the cause of an electrical failure?

In the most unpredictable way a power failure can occur at any time. There are various causes of a power outage, including the following :

Faulty electrical equipment:

Through circuit breakers, fuses, switches, electrical outlets or the electric meter, it can sometimes happen that an electrical equipment is defective. This can cause problems with your electrical installation. This may be due to a manufacturing defect or wear and tear.

Handling problem:

After the intervention of a third party or by yourself, it can happen that your electrical system is disturbed and therefore prone to cause a power failure. For example, a poorly connected wiring system exposed to various components could cause short circuits or electrocution.

Damaged electrical network:

A malfunctioning network component could ultimately lead to an outage. This could be caused by construction work, landslides, unintentional pulling of a cable or rough weather conditions.

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