Bathroom spotlight: how to light your bathroom properly?

When building a new home or simply updating an existing one, you may have several questions about lighting. Whether it’s recessed spotlights, LED or halogen lighting, there are plenty of choices for your bathroom. CD Engineering, expert in lighting in Brussels, gives you the best electrical equipment and interior lighting tips, including bathroom spotlights.

Bathroom spotlight: which light to choose?

For design, elegance and practicality, you can opt for different types of luminaire. Technically speaking, you can choose any type, or even combine them. For example, you can totally place a ceiling light in the centre of the room and add a wall light. You can also add a LED spotlight above the sink or shower for an even more natural colour effect. Whatever your choice, you need to comply with current standards regarding the protection index, particularly in terms of waterproofing.

What IP rating should I choose for a bathroom spotlight?

The IP rating is the minimum protection rating of the luminaire or spotlight you should have in your bathroom. Unlike a living room or a bedroom, a bathroom is much wetter. A too low lighting IP rating puts your entire electrical installation at risk. The recommended minimum IP rating depends on the location of the lighting in the bathroom. Safety standards divide this room into 4 different volumes.
For this reason, in the shower or bath, volume 1 and volume 2, a minimum low-voltage IP of 44 is required. For volume 3 in the bathroom, you can opt for spotlights with a minimum IP23 rating. Finally, volume 0 concerns lighting in the bath or shower, which must have a minimum IP67 rating.
If your electrical installations do not comply with the standard, you should consider upgrading them.

What wattage should I choose for my bathroom spotlights?

The power of a LED spotlight in a bathroom depends on several factors. Firstly, the brightness of the room, which depends in particular on whether or not there is a window. If you don’t have a window, you’ll be more likely to accentuate the lighting in the room to recreate a “daylight” effect. Generally speaking, spotlights used in bathrooms have a wattage of 4 to 6 watts. This wattage provides good lighting.

Finally, to optimise the light output as much as possible, we recommend that you multiply the light sources to create an even atmosphere in the room. In other words, don’t just install one high-power spotlight, but several with lower wattages. You can then define the colour temperature you want: warm white, cool white, etc.
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