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CD Engineering comes to you wherever you are in Belgium. Do you need an electrician in Lasne? Then we’ll come to you, just give us a call. One of our specialists will answer all your questions. Our electricians will help you with all your electrical projects. We design them together with you in their entirety. One team can help you with all your projects. We don’t need to go looking for extra manpower, because our electricians in walloon Brabant are specialised in all electrical fields. In short, our high quality services will meet your expectations.

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CD Engineering, the electrician in Lasne who works with you

After a visit to the site, a file will be put together according to the project you entrust to us. From then on, your Lasne electrician will give you a document that will include all the decisions you will have taken and the way we will carry them out. This document will also allow you to see all the electrical elements that do not work or, on the contrary, that work. We also describe the steps to be taken to restore the system. In fact, all the work we do must be approved by you. With CD Engineering, your project is in good hands. It will reflect your wishes.

We have 27 years of experience in the electrical industry. We also strive to stay abreast of all the technological advances in the field. There are many components in electricity, which is why we offer several services. Here are the services offered by our company:

  • Any intervention in telecommunication
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Electrical compliance work
  • Any intervention on your home automation system;
  • Lighting work;
  • Parlophony and videophony.


We also offer an installation service for video intercom systems. A Lasne electrician will advise you on the system to acquire according to your needs. Thanks to this tool, you will be safe at all times.

électricien Lasne

Your electrician specialising in electrical repairs in Lasne

CD Engineering is also an expert in electrical repairs near you. A problem with the electrical circuit breaker? We will come to you for a check-up. Perhaps your electrical panel lacks power, in which case we can quickly install a new one at your home. But the cause of a breakdown can also be due to a problem with the earth connection. Therefore, if an appliance keeps switching off or blows up when you switch it on, it is important to have the earth connection checked by a certified electrician.

Whatever the cause of your electrical fault, we will be able to help you and solve your problem for good. Trust our experience as well as our passion for our work. For 27 years, CD Engineering has been providing you with effective solutions to repair an electrical fault in your home. We intervene in the domestic environment, but also in industrial buildings, so do not hesitate to ask for our services!

Repair/intervention in case of power failure

Installation of telecommunications systems

Compliance of your electrical system

Rapid intervention throughout the region

What to do in case of a power cut in Lasne?

If you suddenly find yourself without electricity, do not panic. There may be several reasons for this, not necessarily serious ones. The main circuit breaker may have tripped or the problem may be more complicated. In any case, if you have an unexplained power cut and cannot find the cause, do not try to intervene yourself. You risk making the problem worse if you don’t know anything about it. The best solution is to call in a specialist electrician in Lasne. He will be able to better understand and find the source of the problem. During this electrical troubleshooting, remember to tell him the facts at the time of the outage so that he can better understand. He will then be able to determine the cause and restore the power or propose renovation work if necessary.

At CD Engineering, we intervene quickly and efficiently, day and night, to ensure your safety and comfort on a daily basis.

Your electrician in Lasne also works in the tertiary sector!

If you need industrial electrical work, we can take care of that too. In fact, we have certified building electricians for large-scale work. For example, we can take care of :

  • The cabling of your professional computer network ;
  • The installation of the building’s general electricity system (centralisation and parameterisation of electrical appliances by home automation);
  • LED relamping for better luminosity;
  • As well as bringing the electrical system up to standard to comply with nfc and RGIE standards.

Electrician Lasne - Bringing your house or flat up to standard

If you need an electrical upgrade, don’t wait any longer to call on our qualified electricians. At CD Engineering, we take care of all types of renovation work to bring your home up to standard. We can also provide you with a certificate of conformity.

Are you wondering what is wrong with your electrical system? Then get in touch with a Lasne electrician. He will be happy to answer your questions. In most cases, a home visit is made afterwards to check the source of the problem. We also organise this visit according to your availability. Afterwards, you will be given a document containing all the details of the project that we have agreed upon. This document will allow you to know exactly what steps we will take in the next few hours or days.

Would you like to know more about your electrician in Lasne?

Do you have questions about compliance or electrical repairs? You have a power cut but you don’t know what to do? Your electrician in Lasne can answer your questions.

Do you want to redo the electricity or carry out electrical installation work? One of the first things to do is to estimate the cost of your work. When estimating your work, there are several things to take into account

  • The type of distribution
  • The state of the current electrical network
  • The surface area of your home
  • The materials and equipment required
  • The labour involved


You can also call our electricians if you would like a quote for your electrical work. They have the experience and qualifications to estimate the price of your electrical renovation work.

If you live near the Stonecutter, Bois-Eloi, rue de la Bachée or rue du Try Bara areas, your electrician in Lasne can give you a free estimate over the phone. Whether it is for your large or small electrical work, our team of electricians can determine the cost of your installation work.

An electrical diagnosis allows you to evaluate the possible risks and dangers of your electrical network. Whether they are private individuals or professionals, electrical diagnostics are governed by specific standards and regulations. This is why it must be carried out by a competent electrician.

During the procedure, the certified electrician checks in particular

  • The electrical installation and equipment
  • Electrical outlets
  • Switches
  • The electrical panel
  • The electrical installation of the dwelling

Get in touch with our electrical experts in Lasne

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Our electrical work and repairs throughout walloon Brabant

Our electricians work throughout Walloon Brabant, particularly in the following municipalities:

Beauvechain – Braine l’Alleud – Chastre – Chaumont Gistoux – Genappe – Genval – Grez Doiceau – Jodoigne – La Hulpe – Lasne – Mont St Guibert – Nivelles – Ohain – Ottignies – PerwezRamillies – Rebecq – Rhode St Genese – Rixensart – Tubize – Villers la ville – WalhainWaterloo

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