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CD Engineering has its offices in Brussels, but also moves to the beautiful province of Walloon Brabant. Since 1996, CD Engineering has been a reliable electrician in Walloon Brabant, close to its customers. We intervene as quickly as possible and always efficiently.

Do you need an urgent electrical repair? Your Walloon Brabant electrician can then intervene in no time. Our teams are made up of professional electricians who carry out their work meticulously. This way, once your electrical problems have been solved, they will never happen again.

CD Engineering’s experience is comprehensive and complex. Our electricians know how to carry out all types of electrical work. They are qualified to help you quickly and efficiently.

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Your electrician in Walloon Brabant is a recognised professional

When it comes to an electrical problem, sometimes the source is not what you think it is. For example, if a light bulb keeps going out in your home, it may be due to a problem with your electrical installation. For this reason, your Walloon Brabant electrician is attentive to the origin of your problems and treats the causes as well as the consequences.

Our electricians systematically visit you to analyse all possible solutions. If you are facing an electrical emergency, your Walloon Brabant electrician will take all the time necessary to solve it in a sustainable way. If you wish to install a lighting system, a door phone system or a home automation system, we will take the time to give you a free estimate. We will then explain to you step by step how we will proceed. When the work is finished, you will receive a certificate of conformity. This document is very important to prove to the government that your electrical system complies with the current standards.

We do everything possible to ensure your complete satisfaction. For CD Engineering, the customer relationship is indeed essential. During the process of repair or renovation, if necessary, we are careful. Firstly, to inform you at all times of our actions. Secondly, to do a perfect job. Finally, to be and remain the best electrician in Walloon Brabant possible.

Électricien Brabant Wallon

Our customer service for you

Power failure repair/intervention

Repair of your electrical circuits

Replacement of your electrical system

Intervention on your telecom system

In addition, we attach great importance to customer relations. This is why we are always at your disposal. First of all, before the work begins. We will discuss with you how the work will be carried out in the future. Then, during the work itself. We want you to know where the project stands and how it is progressing. And finally, once your electrical work is complete. Your Walloon Brabant electrician will provide you with a certificate of conformity.

Your certified electrician in the whole of Walloon Brabant

Your certified electrician in Wallonia CD Engineering works in all the communes of walloon Brabant. Walloon Brabant has 27 communes and its surface area is 1090 km2. CD Engineering covers the whole of Walloon Brabant from Jodoigne to Wavre, passing through Lasne or Chastre. In order to carry out all your electrical installations, our teams travel throughout Walloon Brabant. For private individuals and professionals alike, you can count on our team. Is your business located in Louvain-la-Neuve near the Bois des Rêves? Your electrician will also come to the site of the intervention and will repair, install or repair your electrical circuit.

Do you need an electrician in an emergency and are you located in Waterloo near Le Lion, or near Le Pilori in Braine-l’Alleud? Don’t hesitate to contact your qualified electrician even at the weekend.

Do you want to install lighting in your home? Contact CD Engineering for any installation of new electrical equipment.

FAQ : your questions about your electrician in Walloon Brabant

Would you like to know more about the safety of an electrical circuit, the cost of an electrical diagnosis or whether your electrician can intervene in an emergency? Don’t hesitate to consult our answers to your most frequently asked questions.

The term “approved electrician” does not exist in Belgium but is widely used. However, you can always contact your qualified CD Engineering electrician who will come to your home. His expertise and experience are at the service of your electrical installation. You can also contact your insurance company to find out which electricians you can trust to work with your insurance.

As regards bringing your home or business into compliance, there are approved inspectors who come to the inspection site to carry out your diagnosis and provide you with a certificate of compliance. These are electricians approved by inspection centres. There are about twenty different centres that you can contact. The cost of an inspection is about 130 euros. You just need to contact one of the centres and ask for an appointment.

Your certified electrician in the whole of Walloon Brabant works indoors on: connecting your electric heating, installing light bulbs, making your electrical panels safe, your electrical diagnosis and also installing sockets. He also intervenes outside for any connection on your electrical circuit, the installation of intercom, outdoor lighting, charging station for your car and alarm.

Your electrician will come to you whether you are a professional or a private individual.

Indeed, you can contact an emergency electrician in the whole of Walloon Brabant even on a Sunday. Calling an electrical professional when you have an electrical emergency can avoid the risk of fire, whether it is a problem with your electric radiator in winter or your household appliances. Are you facing an electrical low voltage or a power surge? Don’t delay in calling your electrician in Walloon Brabant.

You want to renovate your entire electrical installation and are looking for a competent electrician? First of all, it is essential to contact an electrician for several reasons:

  • The first is the safety standards: indeed, they are given in the RGIE which is the general regulation of the electrical installation.
  • The second is the necessary electrical skills: even for changing new fuses, it is necessary to have them.


The most important skills of an electrician are the following:

  • Knowing the different laws of electricity
  • The general and safety standards to be respected, such as those contained in the RGIE
  • Knowing how to adopt a global vision of all work, for example for renovations

Contact our electrical experts in Walloon Brabant

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Our electrical work and repairs throughout Walloon Brabant

Our electricians work throughout Walloon Brabant, particularly in the following municipalities:

Beauvechain – Braine l’Alleud – Chastre – Chaumont Gistoux – Genappe – Genval – Grez Doiceau – Jodoigne – La Hulpe – Lasne – Mont St Guibert – Nivelles – Ohain – Ottignies – PerwezRamillies – Rebecq – Rhode St Genese – Rixensart – Tubize – Villers la ville – WalhainWaterloo

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