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Do you have a problem with your circuit breaker or your electrical network? Or do you need to carry out some electrical work? Do you need a reliable, attentive and competent electrical company? Good news: you’ve found your electrician in Walhain! CD Engineering is the team of electricians you need.

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Your electrician in Walhain with over 27 years' experience

CD Engineering has been in business since 1996, so we’ve been able to improve our skills and diversify our services offer to make sure we’re as complete as possible in the electrical market. The profession of electrician is an art in itself, requiring a great deal of rigour and precision. That’s why our Chartered Electrician will be on hand to respond to a whole range of requests, including the following:

  • Bringing your home up to electrical standards ;
  • Connecting your sockets ;
  • Renovating your electrical installation ;
  • Bringing your electrical installation up to standard ;
  • General electrical work.

Your electrician in Walhain: electrical repairs in less than 24 hours!

At CD Engineering we know how quickly an electrical problem can become a nuisance. That’s why we’ve put in place rapid troubleshooting. After diagnosing the problem, our certified electrician will check that it’s working properly, and your electrical system will be up and running again. You can start smiling again.

Do you have any questions about CD Engineering? We'll answer them!

We’ve put together the answers to the most frequently asked questions about electricians in Walhain. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert electricians will be happy to help.

By calling CD Engineering, we can make an initial electrical diagnosis and offer you our breakdown assistance services, which will be carried out by our electrician.

Please take care, as there is a risk of electric shock. To avoid any risk of electrocution, we advise you to call a competent electrician, who will take care of restoring the electricity in compliance with safety standards.

First of all, we have over 27 years’ experience in the electrical sector. So electricity and its technical aspects hold no secrets for us. Secondly, we are a team of very serious electricians who listen to our customers. So we deliver quality work to the customer’s liking.

We are unable to provide you with a precise budget as it depends on what you ask for. Prices vary according to the work involved and the number of hours spent on it.

At CD Engineering we offer you a free quote. So it’s quick and free!

You've found your electrician in Walhain!

Finally, if you’ve been convinced by our expertise and our values, don’t hesitate to call us for a free quote. We’d be delighted to!

Get in touch with our electrical experts in Walhain

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Our electrical work and repairs throughout walloon Brabant

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