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You need an electrician in Wavre? Then CD Engineering is the electrician you need. In total, CD Engineering has existed for more than 27 years in Belgium. Our company carries out electrical works every day. Our qualified team can therefore take care of all the electrical work you need. Indeed, you absolutely need an expert to handle all the tools and materials of your electrical system. Moreover, our team is only made up of electricity specialists in Walloon Brabant. That’s why we are known for our expertise in all fields concerning electricity. An emergency? Call us !

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CD Engineering: specialist in electrical repairs in Wavre

CD Engineering and its team of certified electricians move everywhere in Wavre for your electrical repairs. For 27 years, we have brought light to many homes plunged in darkness, thanks to our speed and professionalism. CD Engineering and its electricians know the city like the back of their hand!

From fixing a blown fuse to a complete overhaul of your electrical installations, our expert electricians have the knowledge and experience to fix any type of electrical failure. We are constantly working to improve our emergency electrical services, which is why we can respond to power outages within a day. Armed with 25 years of experience and a desire to get your lights back on, we find the source of your power outage. We repair your electrical problem with care, and make sure it never happens again.

électricien Wavre

A highly qualified electrician in Wavre

Our company is located in the city of Brussels but we also travel to Wavre. We are always ready to go. We also intervene all over Belgium. This allows us to guarantee you a fast service, especially in case of emergencies.

We are not only specialists in new electrical installations. In fact, we carry out both low and high tech works and renovations. So we can find the electrical problem(s) in your home. First of all, we will make an appointment with you so that we can make an inventory of necessary repairs. After that, your Wavre electrician will explain what is functional and what needs to be changed. First of all, you have to make sure that your house respects the electrical compliance set by the state. Otherwise a fine may follow and that is not what we want for you.

It is also important for us to give you a document to explain the course of the work to be done. It will allow you to follow the steps and the time that each repair will take. In addition, once the work is completed, a certificate of electrical compliance will be given to you.

Repair/Intervention in case of power failure

Replacement of your electrical system

Repair of your electrical circuits

Intervention on telecom system

Your reference in electricity in Wavre, we know the area by heart

You live near Bierges, Limal, Aisémont or near Basse Wavre? Call on a professional from our team for all your electrical work. Our many years of experience in the field of electricity allow us to guarantee you a customer service and electrical repairs of a superior quality. During each of their interventions, whether you are in Rixensart, Chaussée d’Ottenbourg, Ottignies Louvain-la-Neuve or Grez-Doiceau, our electricians put their know-how at your service for all your general electricity work.

Your questions to our expert electrician in Wavre

Are you afraid of the price of a daytime electrician? First of all, we’ll give you a few tips so that you can find out if your system is faulty. If you don’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or via the contact form available on our website. One of our qualified electricians is always ready to answer you !

No need to repeat it, an installation that does not comply with legislation is prohibited by law. If you have just moved into a house or an apartment, remember to have your electrical installations checked. Indeed, these can be outdated and put you and your family in danger. This is also true if you have been living in the same house for many years. It is very important to regulate your electrical circuits. The law stipulates that you must check your installations and, if necessary, bring them up to standard every 25 years.

You have a doubt about the conformity of your installations? Call on CD Engineering. We are your certified electrician of reference, in Wavre. From Limal to Bawette, we put all our professionalism and our skills at your service to help you. If your installation is no longer compliant, you can request a free estimate to bring your electrical installations up to standard. You can then agree on a date to proceed with the work.

Is your home subject to numerous power outages or power failures? A simple incident may have occurred on your electrical network. A maintenance or a technical problem can also be the reason. These problems can be very common if your circuit breaker is defective. Also, it is possible that your meter is not properly adjusted. It is then necessary to check if the power supported is high enough according to the power required by your electrical appliances.

Nevertheless, all these problems are not necessarily visible with a simple glance. Whether you live in Basse Wavre, Bierges or Profondsart, we advise you to call an electrician in Wavre to help you. At CD Engineering, we do our best to answer your questions and to help you bring your electrical installations up to standard.

However, if it is necessary to change your equipment, our certified electrician in Wavre will offer you a free estimate.

A problem with your electrical sockets can be caused by a poor ground connection, a faulty electrical system or a general short circuit.

A failure of the electrical circuit breaker can quickly be spotted if the circuit breaker is physically broken for example. But it is also possible to check the electrical installation with a multimeter to ensure that the circuit breaker is damaged. CD Engineering’s advice is to contact a professional electrician. Indeed, handling electrical wires can be dangerous.

You are victim of a short circuit but you don’t know where the failure comes from? First of all, you need to check that the electrical voltage is supplying your circuit. You can proceed to different tests in order to evaluate the extent of the situation: the luminaries, the sockets, the protection of the electrical panel, the circuit breaker, etc.

To do this, simply check to see if your appliances plugged into an outlet are working. If everything is in order on that side, it means that the malfunction comes from your electrical system.

One of your fuses may be blown due to a short circuit or an overload on your electrical circuit. Depending on the age of your installation, you may need to check your fuses one by one. To do this, you must first cut the power. This will avoid the risk of electrocution. But there is also a device that allows you to check the state of your fuses very simply and very quickly: the multimeter.

Equipped with their best tools (wire strippers, multimeter, screwdriver, protective gloves) our electricians first look for the origin of the breakdown. Then, in case of a regular breakdown, they carry out the electrical diagnosis of your appliances and circuits. Finally, after having found the origin of the problem, they proceed to the meticulous repair of your electrical system.

As soon as you notice a power outage, you can already contact an expert electrician. In this case, CD Engineering is available for your breakdown assistance from Monday to Sunday included. Do not hesitate to contact our teams for any electrical repair.

The cost of an electrician per day varies according to different criteria and cannot be determined concretely in advance. The travel costs as well as the labor and the electrical material used during the intervention will be taken into account in the final calculation.

Whether it is for a power failure, for the installation of an air conditioning or even for the replacement of light bulbs, our team intervenes at your place as soon as possible. We also offer a service of verification of the conformity of the installations of your property. If it turns out that your electrical equipment is defective and does not meet the safety standards in force, we will bring your circuit into compliance. This is important to ensure your safety but also the safety of people living in the vicinity of your home.

When you contact an electrician in Wavre for troubleshooting, you may get ripped off. A wrong setting on your circuit can lead to problems like low voltage but also high voltage. As well as other problems with more disastrous consequences such as fires.

Always make sure to call a certified electrician who has the proper authorization to carry out your repairs.

CD Engineering: an electrician in Wavre who listens to you

Do you want a functional videophone system that meets your needs? CD Engineering has just what you need. With it, you can control access to your home or business. Several models are available. Simply come to us with your requirements. We’ll advise you according to your needs to guarantee your security.

Our company prides itself on customer service. We’re very proud of the relationship we’ve built up with our customers. It’s thanks to your feedback and discussions with us that we can offer you a quality service. We build your project with you. In fact, we want you to be involved in the work as much as possible.

First of all, during the initial contact, it’s vital to take the time to find out exactly what you want. During this initial contact, your Wavre electrician is keen to understand your project so that it meets your expectations. After that, you can contact us at any time during the work. To find out how the work is progressing, or if you have any suggestions. Finally, we are very happy to receive feedback after the work has been completed and to know whether our work was well done. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Electrician in Wavre, your solution to a power cut

Your fuses keep popping, several of your appliances won’t turn on? In short: a power cut is ruining your day. You had so many activities planned, and now you’re on your knees, stacking tea towels under your freezer to prevent water damage. No need to panic! Because CD Engineering is your quick and efficient solution to get you out of this horrible situation. In fact, our teams will be at your home in Wavre in no time at all. Our dispatchers are on call 24/7 to provide you with the service you deserve.

First, pick up the phone and dial our number. A specialist electrician will answer. He’ll ask about your situation and analyse your options. If necessary, he’ll go straight to your premises and repair your fault. In no time at all, you’ll be able to get on with your day.

What to do in the event of a serious electrical problem

If the cause of your fault is more serious than expected, such as faulty electrical wiring, it could have serious consequences for your home, or even be dangerous for your safety and that of the occupants of your home. So by calling in an expert electrician, you’ve made the right decision. Once on site, your professional will be able to analyse the extent of the damage. He will then suggest the most appropriate solution. If possible, he will repair the problem on site. However, it may happen that your electrician has to go back with specialised equipment. In this case, he will suggest an appointment that suits you best.

CD Engineering: your versatile electrician in Wavre

In particular, we take care of problems linked to :

  • Faulty lighting ;
  • An outdated electrical system;
  • Installations that do not comply with legislation;
  • Non-performing telecoms installations;
  • A network cabling system that is too slow;
  • etc.

Whatever your problem, you can rely on CD Engineering to solve it professionally, quickly and extremely efficiently.

How much will electrical repairs in Wavre cost me?

At CD Engineering, our prices are fair, transparent and honest. In fact, even if you need emergency electrical repairs, we’ll give you a clear and precise estimate of the various electrical jobs before we start. When you call in a professional, you’re looking for a qualified electrician who can check your installations. In addition to checking that your electrical equipment complies with safety standards. That way, you can be sure of living in a safe environment that complies with current standards.

électricien Wavre

Electrician Wavre: installing the electrical network even for professionals

Aware that professionals also need help with the installation and monitoring of electrical installations, we also offer our services in the tertiary sector. So if you have a business project, your CD Engineering electrician in Wavre is there to help. Among our skills, we can take care of many things:

  • Bringing your building’s installations up to standard;
  • LED relamping to reduce your budget and improve lighting;
  • Installing the building’s electrical system;
  • Computer cabling for the network.
électricien Wavre

Call on CD Engineering, electrician in Wavre, for all types of electric work

Whatever your reason for looking for an electrician in Wavre, CD Engineering can help you with your projects from A to Z. So if you’re looking for an electrical installation or repair, we’re the team for you! We can also help with all your home automation, videophone and doorphone projects. For any emergency repairs, we can intervene quickly and efficiently. So you don’t have to worry about the risk of electrocution or anything else. We’re on hand 24 hours a day to provide electrical security. Finally, we can bring your home up to standard electrically and carry out all the necessary work.

Get in touch with our electrical experts in Wavre

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Our electrical work and repairs throughout Walloon Brabant

Our electricians work throughout Walloon Brabant, particularly in the following municipalities:

Beauvechain – Braine l’Alleud – Chastre – Chaumont Gistoux – Genappe – Genval – Grez Doiceau – Jodoigne – La Hulpe – Lasne – Mont St Guibert – Nivelles – Ohain – Ottignies – PerwezRamillies – Rebecq – Rhode St Genese – Rixensart – Tubize – Villers la ville – WalhainWaterloo

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