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Are you looking for an electrician in Rhode-Saint-Genèse? If so, contact us to find an electrician for whatever work you need. We will then take care of all your electrical renovations and installations. CD Engineering is a team of expert electricians in Rhode-Saint-Genèse. We have been in the business since 1996. We have 27 years of experience. In addition, we offer you the possibility of finding an electrician near you. Just contact us and tell us about your project. We will then take care of all the necessary work. Indeed, electricity is a vast field. That is why we have recruited electricians who are specialists in every aspect of electricity. We make this a priority because it is the only way we can help you in all situations.

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How does your electrician in Rhode-Saint-Genèse work?

First of all, we examine your electrical system. This is to find out what is causing the problem. We then discuss the changes that need to be made and explain why and how. Each system is unique, so the procedures differ for each project. That’s why our team draws up a document, which they give to you afterwards, in which you can find the work to be done. This allows you to stay informed about the progress of the project. Here are the services that our company offers:

  • Telecommunications;
  • Electricity;
  • Bringing into conformity;
  • Home automation;
  • Lighting;
  • Parlophony and videophony.


We also offer a sales and installation service for video intercom systems. We can also guide you in your choice of system. At CD Engineering, we want to do everything with you. This way you understand what we do and why we do it. And most importantly, you make all the decisions. We are always open to answer your questions. Contact us now!

Your electrical engineer in Rhode-Saint-Genèse at your service

Do you have a faulty electrical system, such as weak currents or a blown fuse, that requires renovation? Have you just bought a property and need electrical installation work? Are you a homeowner who wants to bring your electrical system up to standard before selling? Receive the services of a specialist electrician in Rhode-Saint-Genèse in the field of electricity for all your interior and exterior work.

We are present throughout Brussels and its suburbs so that you can benefit from the services of our approved electrician anywhere in Sint-Genoa Rhode, Linkebeek, Waterloo and Uccle. Whether you live in Espinette Centrale, Hoek, Grande Espinette, Middenhut or Bellemansheide, call a professional and benefit from the know-how of a competent electrician for your electrical work.

Electrician in Rhode-saint-Genèse : the answers to your questions

Your electrical engineer in Rhode-Saint-Genèse will answer your questions about your electrical installations.

Do you live in an old house with old electricity? If so, don’t do anything dangerous like handling low-voltage cables, risking electrocution by trying to do it yourself. Call our professional electrician. He will estimate the renovation work to be done and will draw up your estimate. Afterwards, our electrician will come and install the new electrical network by replacing the cables and fuses of the old one.

To find out if your electricity is up to standard, check the date your electrical system was commissioned. If it is before 1974, there is a good chance that it is not. However, if the date is after 1991, then your home should normally be compliant. This is because of the adoption of electrical standards that were made mandatory at that time. Nevertheless, the absence of an earth circuit and a 30 mA differential circuit breaker is a sign of a non-compliant electrical current. The earth connection is easily distinguishable from other cables in your electrical circuit. It is usually yellow or green and immediately followed by an earth bar.

Still not sure if your electrical installation complies with the RGIE standards? Then call our qualified electrician for an electrical diagnosis of your home.

Electrical standards change from year to year, but when should your electrical system be brought up to standard?

  • During major renovations that have a significant impact on your electrical installation.
  • When you want to sell your property. The value of a home with electricity up to standard is higher and avoids negotiations on the basis of electricity.
  • 25 years after receiving your electrical certificate of conformity. This certificate is valid for 25 years. After that, an inspection must be carried out to ensure that your home is electrically compliant. However, after so many years, it is almost impossible to guarantee compliance with electrical standards.

All you have to do is call our competent electrician. He will come on site to determine the extent of the work to be done and to bring it up to standard. Depending on the age and various problems of your electrical network, the work may take several days and the price may vary. Therefore, ask for a quote from CD engineering. We are happy to inform you about the different costs of our operations.

Each operation requires different materials and devices, which influence the total cost. Our electrician will draw up an estimate with you, so you will get an estimate of the cost according to your needs.

CD Engineering : your professional and human electrician expert

CD Engineering guarantees that all its electricians are professional. We want to offer you the best quality service.

All in all, CD Engineering takes customer satisfaction to heart. Because it is thanks to this that our company adapts to all your requests. Firstly, we are at your disposal to answer all your questions. On the other hand, we explain our actions in detail. Then, during the work, your electrician will explain his steps one by one. Finally, the after-sales service is happy to take care of your follow-up. In conclusion, your satisfaction is our priority.

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Our electrical work and repairs throughout walloon Brabant

Our electricians work throughout Walloon Brabant, particularly in the following municipalities:

Beauvechain – Braine l’Alleud – Chastre – Chaumont Gistoux – Genappe – Genval – Grez Doiceau – Jodoigne – La Hulpe – Lasne – Mont St Guibert – Nivelles – Ohain – Ottignies – PerwezRamillies – Rebecq – Rhode St Genese – Rixensart – Tubize – Villers la ville – WalhainWaterloo

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