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CD Engineering comes quickly to Zaventem for any electrical repair, installation or upgrading. We are an electricity company which exists since 1996. Are you looking for an electrician who can solve your electrical problems? We are the right team for you. Are you looking for an electrician in Zaventem? Then contact us!

Since 27 years, we bring you the solution to your electrical problems. We provide professional services all over Zaventem. CD Engineering’s electricians are qualified for all types of existing electrical works and installations. We have a good customer service. Our job? To bring you the light you need!

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What electrical work can an electrician in Zaventem do?

CD Engineering realizes electrical works for individuals, but also for professionnals. From the Chaussée de Malines to the Rode Cite, our interventions in homes include:

  • Installation of electrical switches and sockets inside or outside. Your electrician craftsman installs or repairs your electrical outlets in a flash!
  • Connecting your home to the Internet. You need to have a cable pulled in order to enjoy high speed internet? We are your reference team for this operation.
  • Installation and setting up of your telecom devices. Telecom devices can be a real pain to set up. We can do it for you in record time.
  • The installation of the centralization of your electrical systems by the domotics. You want a high tech system in your home to open your gate, activate your heating, program the lighting of your appliance? We are your specialists in home automation.
  • The installation of powerful videophony and door intercom systems. Open your front door remotely thanks to videophony and intercom systems. We install them for you.
  • Lighting both inside and outside. A beautiful indoor light or an original garden light can brighten your day! Have CD Engineering install your lights for a perfect finish.

électricien Zaventem

Your professional electrician in Zaventem

When faced with an electrical problem, perhaps the source is not what you think it is. Our certified electricians are trained to find the origin of any kind of breakdown. In case of an electrical installation, we also come on site to suggest the best system for your needs.

Intervention after a power failure

Repair of your electrical network

Restoration of the electrical system to standards

Installation of telecom system

We are competent to answer your electricity request, thanks to our experience and our knowledge. CD Engineering is also your all-in-one solution in electricity. Indeed, we take care of the analysis of your problem, the estimate, the work, without you having to contact other electricians.

On the other hand, the works, the renovations as well as the installations are carried out in complete safety. Indeed, a site manager personally sees to that. As a matter of fact, it is a priority for us.

As for the electrical standards, we respect the updates of the new RGIE. Our electricians are continuously trained in order to always meet the legal obligations that surround our profession.

A professional in electrical repairs in Zaventem

An electricity cut is a problem that we all face one day or another. But don’t panic: CD Engineering is there for you! We regularly work on the repair of power failures, in the domestic sector as well as in the tertiary sector. We can intervene very quickly at your home or office, armed with our experience and our professional tools (insulating gloves, ammeter, screwdriver, wire stripper, etc.) to help you.

Calling a certified electrician to solve a problem is essential to ensure not only a job well done, but also the safety of your family. We can’t stress this enough: it’s not a good idea to fix a power outage yourself. Fortunately, CD Engineering can help you out even on Sundays and holidays!

We also intervene on the communes attached to Zaventem like Nossegem, Woluwé-Saint-Etienne, Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, Sterrebeek.

An electrical network to standards for great savings

Bringing the electrical system up to standard has many advantages. First of all, it ensures you to avoid fines. Then, it also prevents the risks of breakdowns or dysfunctions. In short, if your network complies with current standards, you can be sure that it will function properly and that you will not lose money because of poor electrical efficiency. Because poor wiring can mean a loss of energy that will show up on your daily electricity bill. And you might as well make sure you don’t go broke on repairs in the future.

électricien Zaventem

In case of malfunctions, call an electrician in Zaventem

There are many reasons for a breakdown: a short circuit, a broken switch, poor wiring, an old electrical network… That’s why it’s so important to call a competent electrician. Indeed, you must not take risks nor put yourself in danger. Working on electrical installations with high voltage is dangerous if you do it wrong. Our electricians will respond quickly to avoid this. Indeed, an electrician will take care of your breakdown within 24 hours in Zaventem.

CD Engineering, an electrician who accompanies you in all your projects in Zaventem

CD Engineering is above all a passionate electrical company. So, it is with pleasure that our team of electricians will accompany you for all your works. In addition to providing you with valuable advice, we will do our best to include you as much as possible so that we can ensure that our services meet your expectations. For us, a qualified electrician is also an electrician who listens to your questions. This is why we are today one of the reference companies for quality work in Zaventem and everywhere in Brussels and its surroundings.

Your electrician in Zaventem answers your questions

Do you still have questions about electrical repairs, the compliance of your electrical installation or the electrical renovation of your house? Discover our FAQ.

The electrical renovation of your house is sometimes necessary. Your electrical network must comply with the standards in force in your country. A faulty, ageing electrical system can be dangerous. The risk of fire or electrocution is one of the main causes of an outdated electrical system.

So you need to bring your electrical installation up to standard, i.e. ensure the proper functioning of your :

  • Electricity meter

  • Sockets and wires

  • Switches


Our team of electricians can come to your home to ensure that your electrical network is safe. Using very specific electrical equipment and applying safety rules, they are able to carry out the electrical installation of your home.

Are you looking for an electrical compliance expert? CD Engineering works for both individuals and professionals. For a home in Woluwe-Saint-Etienne, Voskapel or Drie Linden, we send an electrician to check that your electrical installations meet current standards. Are you a professional who owns a building? Then we’ll send a team to visit your building and check that it complies with electrical safety standards.

We will then provide you with an analysis report. If required, we can also draw up a quotation for you. This estimate for bringing your home or building into compliance is free of obligation.

Contact CD Engineering: your electrician in Zaventem, for any request for an inspection or an estimate for compliance.

To turn your circuit breaker back on, you first need to locate your electrical panel and find the button that is in the off or down mode. To avoid another power cut, we recommend that you unplug any electrical appliances that consume too much energy (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.).

If you’re having trouble getting your circuit breaker back on, you can contact our electrical breakdown service in Zaventem. We will guide you step by step to turn your circuit breaker back on.

However, if the problem persists, a Zaventem electrician can come to your home and help you understand what the problem is with your circuit breaker.

An electrical fault is a defect or malfunction in the electrical network. An electrical fault is often a leakage current, i.e. a change in the electrical current. This can result in a lack of voltage or, on the contrary, an overvoltage.

In some cases, a fault can lead to a power failure. The best way to solve this problem is to call in a qualified electrician. He will be able to restart the electricity supply to your home. He will find the cause of the fault and carry out the necessary electrical work. Electriciens will often bring your home up to electrical standards.

To find out whether the electricity in your home is up to standard, we advise you to call in expert electricians. They can carry out an electrical diagnosis of your installation.

You can then call on their services for the electrical renovation of your house, flat or building. For example, they can:

  • Install an electrical panel
  • Bring your electrical network up to standard
  • Make connections
  • Ensure electrical safety


Our electricians can carry out all your electrical installation work to ensure the electrical safety of your home.

When a power cut occurs, you need to identify the faulty circuit or appliance. To do this, look on your circuit breaker for the fuse in the “off” position. Then check the appliances or switches that are connected to that fuse. Once you’ve identified them, unplug them and then refit the fuse in the “on” mode.
To make sure you’ve solved the problem, you can reconnect your appliances responsible for the power failure. If the circuit-breaker blows again, we advise you to call an electrician. He will have the necessary electrical equipment to identify the source of the fault.

If you have a recurring power cut, your electrician in Zaventem can intervene near Nossegem, Woluwe-Saint-Étienne, Sterrebeek or the Saint-Martin church. He can carry out electrical installations to resolve the electrical fault.

Our team also works in the surrounding municipalities. Whether it’s Kraainem, Evere or Kortenberg, you can contact the electrical breakdown service.

Contact our electrical experts in Zaventem

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Our electrical work and repairs throughout Flemish Brabant

Our electricians work throughout Flemish Brabant, particularly in the following municipalities:

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